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Sunday, 07 March 2021 2.45 PM IST

KSRTC should overcome this crisis


KSRTC, which has become a burden to the public exchequer and passengers, is once again facing a crucial decade. Its managing director has opened up on the irregularities committed by a section of employees in KSRTC.

For his outburst against certain employees’ unions, he has had to lock horns with MD Biju Brabhakar.

The protest started off by INTUC will be taken over by other unions also. That is for sure.
Top officials, including the CITU state secretary, have publicly expressed dissatisfaction with Biju Prabhakar's reforms. The CITU leader said that the responsibility for the financial crisis in the Transport Corporation should not be placed on the workers working there.

But how can one give a clean chit to employees for the unforgivable financial crisis and impropriety.

Whenever management comes up with reform measures, isn't it the employees who oppose and fail? Who does not know that a substantial reform is usually not possible that easily in the Transport Corporation as, even in rescheduling a bus stop, the approval of the unions has to be sought.

Biju Prabhakar, who has been appointed as the new head of KSRTC, is in the midst of a crisis just because some of the measures he intends to take for the survival and prosperity of the institution.

Over the past two decades, many have tried to salvage the company from debt. It's just that it didn't work. Employees generally are not interested in reform measures as they get salaries and pensions without fail, irrespective of company’s losses.

There are those who desperately want to step down and those who are thrown out of Cortporation after getting caught in political quagmire. There are also instances when those who have succeeded in running the organization well with diligence are packed up one day and sent to some other departments.

Rajamanikyam and Tomin Thachankari have made commendable achievements in a short span of time. But the government did not allow them to stay in KSRTC for long. The political pressure was that much high.
The government should ensure that Biju Prabhakar also doesn’t have the same fate.

Biju Prabhakar should be allowed to continue in this position at least until the results of the proposed reforms are received.
Over the past two days allegations raised by the KSRTC MD via media is extremely serious matter.
It is alleged that there was an irregularity of Rs 100 crore in the transaction with KTDFC.

A vigilance inquiry is underway against the executive director, who is also the head of the accounts department. It has also been revealed that the government was under the control of a group of conspirators.

Therefore it is necessary to find out the rotten apples and take necessary penal action.

The move to form a new company called Swift exclusively for long-distance services within the KSRTC as part of the reform is the latest in a series of protests and ‘coup’ attempts.

After ten years, it will be merged with the parent

How many study reports have already been come out regarding the decentralization of the Corporation? Nothing has been done in the face of opposition from the unions. Every year, crores of rupees are lost from the public exchequer.

An amount of `1800 crore has been set apart for this in the new budget as well. Strict and sharp reforms are needed if the institution, which is on the verge of rot has to be revived.

Shake-up is being planned from the top rung of the management. The government has also reportedly supported this.

Professionals should be brought in to head the administration. The function should be diversified. Steps for salary revision of employees should be taken.

It is estimated that the corporation currently has more than 7,000 employees. They should be redeployed. Older financial frauds in the KSRTC should be probed and befitting punishment should be given to the culprits.

Those committed fraud as well as abetted fraud should not be spared. Don’t succumb to threats or protests.

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