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Wednesday, 12 May 2021 11.08 PM IST

Will Joe Biden be India’s Friend?


Since Joe Biden has sworn in as the 46th President of the USA and Kamala Harris took the chair of the vice president, the world has renewed its hopes. Along with other nations of the world, India too is watching how the new regime will hold on to the international treaties and other agreements. When he expressed his stand regarding the immigrants and it was found to be the opposite of what Trump was implementing, the ten million illegal immigrants heaved a sigh of relief. Ban on travel to the Muslim countries, re-entering the Paris agreement on climatic issues, removing the ban on education loans are some of the programmes he announced as having priority.

Making masks compulsory to resist the spread of corona virus, Covid relief package of a million crore plan, distribution of Covid vaccine, revamping of the immigration laws, relief for work visa and H1 B visa and the like is a great relief for the natives as well as the immigrants. His first days in the office show that his moves are going to be well planned. The coming of a new regime under Joe Biden is right in the midst of a strong bond which had prevailed between Narendra Modi and Donald Trump. Naturally there is some concern about how the India-US relation will be moving forward because of the new political equation. But in spite of changes in politics, the US gave India its due consideration. The relation between India and the US has been getting stronger for some time now. At the core of this interest is the market and the army. To oppose China, their common enemy, India and America joined hands. It was just before the US presidential election that the defence foreign secretaries came to India to sign new pacts. The White House press secretary Gem Saki has already said that Joe Biden respects the good relation between the two nations. He had earlier told the media that it was a moment of pride for the U.S when Kamala Harris, an India born American citizen was elected as the vice president. The American Government’s attitude towards India for the last few years’ show that policy wise and defence wise, India is a dependent partner of the US in Asia in general.

Personal bias surely has an influence on the foreign policies of any country. The ruler’s preferences will reflect on the relations. So, people are anxious to see how far Joe Biden’s personal attitude towards India is going to be cordial. However Biden knows India better than Trump did. He had always argued for a better and stronger relation with India. As the chairman for the senate for foreign relations and as vice president he had played a major role in strengthening the India U.S relation. Even three years before he became the vice president in 2006, he had expressed his views on the India U.S relations. It was during the Obama - Biden regime that India was named the defence partner of the U.S. Though Obama was unwilling to support the Indo U.S atomic agreement, Biden had worked among the Republicans and the Democrats to endorse the atomic agreement in 2008.

The Democrats including Obama has repeatedly pointed out that plurality and the mutual respect among the different communities is India’s mark of greatness. Joe Biden who worked with Obama as the vice president also had the very same opinion about India. Though during the last twenty years, different U.S presidents like Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump had possessed different personal views about India, in spite of which they unanimously voted for a strong alliance with India. They have stamped their personal mark on the relations. Age wise and experience wise Joe Biden is far ahead of them and his personal views will surely affect his and his nation’s attitude towards India to some extent. Biden knows as well as any other world leader that it won’t be good to ignore such a powerful nation like India.

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