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Friday, 24 September 2021 3.09 AM IST

Permanent appointment for women


Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that women should be given long-term appointments in the army. 86 women officers again approached the court against the non-implementation of this. The apex court bench headed by DY Chandrachud yesterday directed the defense ministry to reconsider the applications of about 650 people, including those who had not been given long time appointments. At the same time, the court strongly criticized the imposition of the same fitness standards for women as for men. The court noted that there was severe discrimination against women. The court also noted that these standards inflict financial and psychological damage on women officers. It has been directed to reconsider the application of women officers for permanent appointment within one month and make appointment within two months. The court also ruled that women who get 60 percent grade will be eligible for appointment. The court ruled that it is not right to apply the same physical fitness criteria to women and men at the beginning of the service, that they had had physical problems and changes with age, and that discipline and good character should be considered important for appointment. If the Ministry of Defense had taken a sympathetic approach to women, it would not have even reached the courts. This was not determined by those who did not know that women would be excluded when standards were set by adhering to a male-centric attitude. The court's observations point to the need for a change in government attitudes towards women. In modern times, women are not behind men in any job. Women today work and shine in many areas that were traditionally monopolized by men. But the old view that women are vulnerable still exists in many areas. To change this, the Central Government should launch an intensive campaign to create awareness on a large scale. A country progresses and grows in every sense of the word when the women and children of that country live happily and satisfactorily. And growth is not just about economic growth. It is not good for anyone that they have to go to court to get their fair share of rights.

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