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Sunday, 16 May 2021 12.05 PM IST

Even if Covid comes to an end, there is no need for crowded finale of open campaigning


One of the most intense election campaign witnessed by the state will come to an end by 7 pm today. This might probably be the election that got very few days for an election campaign. Therefore, it can be said that the constituencies were shaken by the three fronts. This time, the Election Commission has banned the crowded finale of open campaigning ahead of the election. The decision was made in view of the spread of Covid. Even in the absence of Covid, this last-minute rage has turned out to be very unpleasant and annoying to humans. It can even lead to endless conflicts and confrontations. A system in which frontline workers gathering in one place and displaying force has sometimes transcended all boundaries and even led to street battles. As far as the candidates are concerned, they do not get any particular benefit from this and instead lose an additional amount. The two-wheeler rallies organized by activists for candidates in connection with the campaign have also been banned since Friday night. This is also a 'ritual' that has begun recently. When hundreds of two-wheelers converge on the streets together, ordinary people who set out for various needs get in trouble. Their journey will depend on the goodwill of the party workers. Though people have been restricted from gathering due to the Covid crisis, no significant effect has been seen so far. There is no need to be particularly reminded of the importance of following the restrictions. The situation in eleven states, including Kerala, is worsening again. Gathering in public by ignoring social distancing norms can be very dangerous. Everyone working in politics must be careful that the election does not become a cause for Covid spread.

Despite the heightened political heat, everyone can be proud of the fact that this time the election campaign was generally non-violent. Although there were minor incidents, there were no clashes that disturbed the peace. This atmosphere needs to be maintained on and after polling day. Many used to wait to settle scores in connection with the elections. These are the days when law enforcers need to be extra vigilant.

Controversy over the double vote may cause more heat and smoke in polling booths than usual. Activists and officials must take special care not to lose restraint. Everyone should strive to maintain the reputation of being the most peaceful state in the country. Elections will come and go. People should see each other even after voting. Hate and hatred should be completely eradicated from the mind. One should stop looking to hire others to settle scores.

Violation of Election Commission's guidelines is punishable by up to two years' imprisonment. It is a warning to all those who are preparing to cross the line. Many will be disappointed over the ban of the crowded finale of open campaigning. However, it is the responsibility of the responsible political parties to fully co-operate with this as it is an issue involving the health and safety of the community.

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