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Sunday, 16 May 2021 12.07 PM IST

ASSEMBLY ELECTION 2021: Let Kerala be role model again!


Today (April 6, 2021), Kerala will script its verdict after a day of silent campaigns and campaigns that have shaken all constituencies. Voting will also take place on Tuesday in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu and adjoining Puducherry. Fierce fighting is going on in all three places.

The general frustration with the political parties and the general public is that they will have to wait until May 2 to find out who will win this ballot war. Before polling went hi-tech, it was customary to announce the results the day after the polls. Now, if the polls are to be completed anywhere in the country, the counting will take place together after that. The polls will go on for months and we have to wait indefinitely for the results.

In democracy. this is the day when the voter is above all. That is why the right to vote is so important to every voter. Each election will determine the future of not only the state but also themselves. Voting is considered to be the duty of every citizen. Democracy is a complete success when the people do their job well. Abstaining from exercising the right to vote is tantamount to relinquishing civil rights. It is also a very immature position. Today, there is a mechanism to disagree, even if you do not like any of the contesting candidates. Therefore, there is no need to abstain from voting.

Assembly elections are being held in the midst of Covid's second coming, as is the case with local elections. Safety arrangements are extensive, but each individual needs to take adequate care of his or her own health. Crowding or violating Covid protocol is tantamount to inviting disease. Tension-free polling is as important as the Covid-free election. About 60,000 troops have been deployed in the state to prevent any untoward incidents. Voting in the state is generally peaceful. We must be able to preserve that tradition.

The enthusiasm and vigour of the people during the campaign should reflect during Tuesday’s voting as well. The state, which is also ahead in political literacy, should never lag behind in voting percentage. Rarely do percentage of voting comes down in certain constituencies. As the heat of the political competition is higher this time than usual, this is also likely to change.

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