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Tuesday, 03 August 2021 5.01 PM IST

This service has more value than money


The other day, we had published a report about a collective that showed that the path to service is vast and diverse. This group of thirty ordinary people has been gaining popularity for the free services that they have been doing for the last eight years. They represent various sectors related to construction. If anyone seeks help from this collective, they will reach the spot and take over the work without demanding a single penny. The members of this collective hail from Arayi village in Kasargod.

By completing 500 projects in 8 years, this collective, which is known by the name the 'White Army', has won widespread acclaim. It has given a valuable message to the society by diverting the youth to the creative path of public service. They are ready to undertake any kind of work for the villagers. They are ready to transport sand and rocks, build a house, clean a well and build a wall or fence. They have workers who can do plumbing works, painting works, and various other kinds of works. What makes them special is the fact that they do all these works without demanding a single penny.

The White Army has already been involved in the construction of 200 houses. Forty-five houses were exclusively completed by themselves. They celebrated their 501st service initiative by getting involved in the construction of a new house. The wages for the work done so far would be equivalent to over Rs 40 lakh. The service of the White Army was invaluable to many ordinary families who had no money to pay their wages.

This innovative initiative rewrites the traditional notion that only the super-rich, the upper echelons of society, and salaried employees can serve the community. Many people lead a lazy life without any benefit to their home and country. Having the opportunity to do something in life for society is a big deal. Getting young people ready for it can make a big difference. It can be said that the old service societies were uprooted even in the rural areas due to the strong political differences. Many things were accomplished through the joint efforts of the neighbors. Everyone used to cooperate during weddings and other functions and there was hardly any need to hire workers for such functions.

The service-minded youth collective is a source of pride to any region. Such collectives can do a lot for the betterment of the region. The biggest benefit of this is for ordinary families. The government's housing program is aimed at poor families. There are many houses whose works have been halted in the midway just because the workers are not paid. If the Kasargod model is adopted, the curse that fell on many such houses will get lifted. The youth collectives can get engaged in several initiatives around us. Society itself should take the initiative to organize them accordingly. The light of the lamp lit by the 'White Army' at Kasargode must spread throughout the state.

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