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Wednesday, 22 September 2021 7.09 PM IST

Covid treatment: Govt revises room rent at private hospitals


KOCHI: The government has fixed the room and suite rates for Covid treatment in private hospitals. The govt told the HC in a review petition filed by the Private Hospitals Association against the first order.

On June 10, it was ordered that the room and suite rates be fixed for the hospital, while the ward rent was fixed earlier. Dissatisfied with this, the Division Bench directed that the decision be reconsidered. The new order followed as the court quashed the June 10 order.

When the government informed that the decision was taken in consultation with the association, the plaintiffs stated that they would act at this rate and will approach the government if there are any deficiencies. A division bench of Justices Devan Ramachandran and Dr Kauser Edappagath adjourned the case till August 26.

Hospitals are categorized by NABH accreditation and number of beds.

Terms of order

  • This is the maximum room rent that can be charged from 1 Covid patient
  • Covid patients with other conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure are also included
  • If you need cardiac treatment, pay extra
  • ICU and ventilator facilities may be charged at a pre-determined rate
  • This does not include scans, PPE kits and expensive drugs like Remdesevir
  • Companies must pay the contractual amount to patients with an insurance claim
  • General Ward at Rs 2645 where there is no accreditation, Rs 2910 at accredited hospitals

Rate (all have two beds)

Bed below 100 (Non-Accredited)

Non AC Room: 2724

AC Room: 3174

Non AC Private Room: 3703

AC Private Room: 5290

Bed less than 100 (Accredited)

Non AC Room: 2997

AC Room: 3491

Non AC Private Room: 4073

AC Private Room: 5819

100-300 Bed (Non-Accredited)

Non AC Room: 3678

AC Room: 4285

Non AC Private Room: 4999

AC Private Room: 7142

100-300 Bed (Accredited)

Non AC Room: 4046

AC Room: 4713

Non AC Private Room: 5499

AC Private Room: 7856

More than 300 beds (Non-Accredited)

Non AC Room: 4577

AC Room: 5332

Non AC Private Room: 6221

AC Private Room: 8887

More than 300 beds (Accredited)

Non AC Room: Rs 5035

AC Room: Rs 5866

Non AC Private Room: Rs 6843

AC Private Room: Rs 9776

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