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Tuesday, 30 November 2021 2.40 AM IST

Will things improve if Electricity charge is increased? 


People mostly use electricity to illuminate houses when it is dark. It's about ordinary families. There are sections that use electricity non-stop day and night. Industrial demand is already high. For even one crore households and small consumers, a small increase in electricity tariff can be unaffordable. However, KSEB and the Regulatory Commission are preparing to increase power tariffs at the beginning of the next financial year. The rate hike is expected to be at least 10 per cent. Of course, this is not a small increase. It is already charging high rates in terms of consumption. Of course, with a 10% increase, rates will reach new heights.

KSEB is one of the most profitable PSUs in the world. Like KSRTC, only loss figures are put forward. It is said that there will be a loss of one thousand crore rupees in the current year as well. Of the 33,000 employees, the Regulatory Commission found that at least 6,000 were overstaffed. When the cost exceeds the revenue, there is no other option but to squeeze the customer to make up the loss. KSEB is moving in the same direction. The commission is tasked with examining the revenue and expenditure figures and determining the extent of the rate hike. The board is about to file a tariff petition for this. The move is to increase the rates with effect from April 1 after completion of inspections and sittings. Since the maximum power consumption is from 6 pm to 10 pm, there are plans to charge more at that time. That board was able to easily convince the minister that the board could not sustain without raising rates. The board's financial woes have been plagued by corruption and mismanagement. The board exaggerates the operating deficit by forgetting that customers often have to pay more. Even if the unit is charged double or more than the current one, it remains to be seen whether the board will go overboard. Because that's the way the company is going. If crores of rupees were owed by government agencies and industries to the board is recovered, ordinary consumers would not have to be overcharged. Don’t they see the good things being done in the neighbouring state?

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