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Wednesday, 26 January 2022 1.01 PM IST

New method in game of cards; bosses make money as specialists play


KOCHI: Gambling worth several lakhs is taking place in full swing at various luxury hotels and houseboats by using specialists in the game of cards. Several wealthy bosses are employing these specialists by providing them with a fixed share, five-star food and alcohol.

Even if the players get caught in the raids, the bosses who invest money will not get caught. This new method is being deployed to avoid the embarrassment of getting caught and the investigation regarding the source of money. Intelligence reports have also surfaced about the highly secretive gambling following the Covid relaxations.

Rummy is the most common game. Other games are also played by those indulging in gambling. The bosses would use loyal, specialist players to play for them. The stakes are above Rs 2 lakh per game. If the player wins in the game, he will get five percent money.

On some houseboats in Alappuzha, the gambling takes place at night. The entry fee for a team is Rs 5,000. Five to 10 teams will take part. When the quorum is reached, the houseboat will move to an unoccupied area. The game continues till dawn. Gambling also takes place in some luxury hotels in Kochi.

On November 15, the police had arrested a group of 13 persons who had indulged in playing cards against money at Thopumpady in Ernakulam. The police had also seized Rs 8.25 lakh and a counting machine from them. However, the arrested people were soon released on bail as it was a bailable offence. The source of the money is often not investigated by the police. This is why several millionaires, who are crazy about gambling, manage to escape.

The number of cases has been declining over the last five years. The intelligence unit is unhappy that the police are not carrying out raids even after receiving accurate information. Many influential people are also using their connections to sabotage the investigation related to gambling.

Year: cases
2017: 3112
2018: 2512
2019: 2076
2020: 1840
2021: 1077

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