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Thursday, 27 January 2022 11.42 PM IST

Unemployment and SilverLine


The biggest paradox is that even those who argue that unemployment is on the rise in Kerala are blocking a plan to increase employment. Opposition parties have repeatedly staged protests for not extending the PSC rank list and appointing more people. Only a small percentage of the population will get government jobs and teaching jobs. Politicians are not ignorant of this. But they will try to divert the attention of the youth only to PSC. Meanwhile, the opposition opposes the advent of the SilverLine semi-high-speed rail, which will create 11,000 jobs. This is where the significance of the compensation package presented by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan lies. The announcement that the scheme will provide employment to the deserving families affected by the SilverLine is enough to ensure that the scheme is implemented here. There are growing children in every home. Every family longs for a job in the country for their children and grandchildren. Most of the jobs now give salaries for a decent living in the country. As such, there will be many families in Kerala who are praying their land be acquired for this project. Philosophy and environmental issues come after the problem of life. Therefore, action should be taken at the government level to create awareness among those losing their land and about the potential employment opportunities available during the implementation of the scheme and to direct them to the appropriate courses.

People are reluctant to give up land in the light of past experiences. The Constitution gives the government the power to seize any land. All governments have a history of acquiring land with this and then not paying compensation for years. That time has changed. Parliament itself passed a law requiring compensation of up to three times the market price. It is a time when the conditions are written in favor of those who lose their land. The government has announced unimaginable compensation in the rural areas where the SilverLine crosses. Compensation is up to four times the market value of land in rural areas and up to two times in urban areas. Upon request, homes will also be provided to those who lose their homes. The Chief Minister has announced a package in which no one can say that the compensation is low. When MKK Nair acquired a thousand acres in Ernakulam district for FACT, jobs were given to all the deserving Dalits who were living there. The way to progress can be understood by understanding how they live today. Those who oppose the SilverLine project can bravely oppose it as they like.

In a sense, this opposition is also a guarantee that the project will go ahead.

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