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Monday, 24 January 2022 12.14 AM IST

Let no new martyr's column rise


Dheeraj, a seventh semester student of Idukki Government Engineering College, was stabbed to death during the college union elections. The 21-year-old, who wanted to become a computer engineer had to succumb to fatal knife injury unexpectedly. According to eyewitnesses, Dheeraj, an active member of the SFI and a member of the college unit, was stabbed in the chest by Nikhil Paily, the president of the Youth Congress Vazhathoppu constituency. His cousin was also there to contest the college union election. He may have arrived as the relative's guardian and helper. In any case, it is learned that KSU and Youth Congress activists were present at the college gate to confront Dheeraj and his friends who came out after the first phase of voting. The ensuing scuffle resulted in a stabbing. In an attempt to save him, two classmates of Dheeraj also got injured. It is known that their injuries in the hospital were not so serious. About half a dozen people, including the mainto accused Nikhil Paily, have been arrested in connection with the incident.

It is very sad to know that the person who is the leader of the youth wing of the Congress which carries the ideology of non-violence is involved in the incident and it is of great concern that the future of the movement will be in the hands of the new generation. Disputes, conflicts and clashes are common in college union elections. It rarely escalates to take the life of an opponent. Idukki Engineering College is also not a volatile place. The killing is an indication that the new generation in Congress is abandoning the path of non-violence and moving forward to embrace violence. If an outsider wants to get there with a knife during a college union election, one can only guess that there is no good intention behind it.

It was not long before colleges in the state reopened and resumed their studies after a lengthy closure. And to close colleges to prevent conflict is detrimental to the student community as a whole. Following the Idukki incident, SFI-DYFI activists have resorted to violence and assaults in many parts of the state, which is as reprehensible as the Idukki incident. Eleven KSU workers, including girls, were injured in an SFI attack on Maharaja's College, Ernakulam. In Malappuram too, clashes broke out between DYFI and Congress workers. It didn’t turn violent just because senior leaders intervened in a timely manner.

No responsible politician would want to see a student killed in the name of anything. In the future, no one with a human heart will come forward to take up the upolitics of stabbing someone who should be helping both home and country. Abhimanyu, a student from Idukki, was murdered on the steps of Maharaja's College, Ernakulam three years ago. Dheeraj was a young man with a very bright future.

Of course, if the police had been a little more careful and vigilant, as in many other cases, this unfortunate tragedy could have been prevented. Conflict can be expected at any moment in connection with the union election. Conflict can also be prevented if the police presence is strong. The presence of outsiders should not be allowed in the college. Youth Congress-KSU activists confronted Dheeraj and his group outside the college gate. The police had to avoid the situation for that. The inaction on the part of the police in the matter has, as usual, been criticized. It is a pity that the police were not able to rush Dheeraj to the hospital. The party leadership should refrain from making provocative statements.

There is no doubt that activating campuses beyond political differences will foster stronger bondage between children. Political leaders also have a great responsibility to liberate colleges from the atmosphere of hatred and corruption. Children are motivated to see everything only through a political mirror because politicians see campuses as a tool for nurturing future leaders. Everyone interested in the future of children should be careful not to turn campuses into deserts. It should be ensured that martyrs columns don’t rise in campuses.

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