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Thursday, 27 January 2022 11.11 PM IST

Post-matric scholarship: 2.5 lakh applications of backward sections see no resolve


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The applications of more than 2.5 lakh students from backward classes for this year's Post-Matric Education Scholarship are being neglected due to the non-cooperation of the Scheduled Caste Development Department. SEBC, OBC and OEC students, who have got admission from higher secondary to postgraduate level as well as in engineering and technical courses, are facing this misfortune. With the completion of admission to medical courses, the number of applications will cross 3.5 lakh.

It was the Scheduled Caste Department that used to handle over five lakh applications for scholarships every year until last year. Among these, nearly 3.5 lakh of the applications are from backward students. The Backward Classes Development Department, which was established in 2011, has only a handful of employees. It does not even have district offices. Hence, the Scheduled Caste Development Department was put in charge of handling the scholarship applications.

However, the Scheduled Caste Department is adamant that the applications of backward students should be handled by their own department. The department has been sending back applications from backward class students through educational institutions since last June.

Nearly 100 employees sitting idle
Nearly 100 out of the 1200 employees in the Scheduled Caste Development Department were assigned to handle scholarship and lumpsum grant applications. Each district has an officer, a junior superintendent and at least five clerks to handle this. Ever since the department started sending back applications from backward classes, the number of applications handled per year has been reduced from five lakhs to one and a half lakhs. Several employees are sitting idle without any significant work.

Minister's order ignored
On September 16, Backward Classes Development Department additional secretary had issued an order stating that the distribution of backward education benefits should be done by the Scheduled Castes Department till the office and posts are allotted to the Backward Classes Development Department in all the 14 districts. The order was issued on the instructions of Minister K Radhakrishnan. However, the situation remained the same even after that.

Educational Grant

(Per year)

  • SEBC-OBC: Higher Secondary - Rs 1600, Degree - Rs 1600, PG, Professional - Stipend 4000, Lumpsum Grant - 1000, Hostel Fee - 5000.
  • OEC: Higher Secondary, Degree - Stipend - 8000, Lumpsum Grant - 1400, PG - Stipend - 8000, Lumpsum Grant - 1900, Professional - Stipend - 8000, Lumpsum Grant - 1400- 3800, Hostel Fee: 5000.
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