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Wednesday, 05 October 2022 2.32 PM IST

Wish to know if CPM here is controlled by Chinese Communist party: VD Satheesan


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Leader of Opposition and Congress leader V.D.Satheesan on Saturday asked the CPI-M to spell out its policy on China as two of its top leaders have been speaking in "different tones".

It was veteran CPI-M politburo members S. Ramachandran Pillai and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who in a space of days, came out with different positions on China and this was what Satheesan took advantage of.

The Congress leader asked the CPI-M to "come clean on what's more important our national interest or the China's Communist party's interest."

"Wish to know if the CPI-M here is controlled and guided by the Chinese Communist party," said Satheesan.

The "conflicting views" of the two top CPI-M leaders surfaced early this week at their ongoing party meetings at Kottayam and here.

It was Pillai who first said at the Kottayam district CPI-M party meeting that China has grown to the stature of questioning American imperialism and went on to add that they have become powerful and is facing a global attack, directed to target their achievements.

He said America is leading the alliance to attack China and India is also part of it and the CPI-M is the target of the anti-China campaign in India.

Vijayan while addressing the Thiruvananthapuram district committee here the other day said they had raised the criticism that as a socialist country China was not willing to adopt a proper stand against imperialist countries while their Astand on China remains the same as always.

Vijayan pointed out that China themselves have declared that they are being troubled by the issues of inequalities and corruption.

Satheesan said China for long has been trying to create trouble in India and it's at that time it's strange and surprising that the CPI-M is speaking of the policies of China.

Will go ahead with the anti-K Rail protest

"KPCC president K Sudhakaran has said that if survey stones are laid illegally for the K-Rail project, it will be uprooted. The High Court has also directed not to install stones in the name of K-Rail. The scheme, which was set up to defraud large sums of money by arranging loans, is to deceive the people. The agitation against the project will go ahead. The Vizhinjam project, which required 75 lakh tonnes of rock, received only 13 tonnes of rock. So how does the K-rail find rock? Covid curbs will be imposed only after the CPM conventions. With that, the Covid cases will rise sharply. A case was registered against when UDF staged an agitation with five people. Even if there are 500 CPM members, there is no case. Do not try to intimidate by saying Covid norms", Satheesan said.

Petty quarrel with the governor

"The governor and the government are reunited. There was a petty quarrel between the two. The issue is not whether an agreement has been reached with the governor, the opposition is demanding the resignation of the Kannur VC. If it is found that the appointment of the VC was illegal, it should be canceled. Or ask the VC to resign or be expelled", he said. VD Satheesan added that the Opposition had not advised the Governor and was of the view that he should fulfill his responsibilities as Chancellor.

(with IANS inputs)

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