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Tuesday, 30 May 2023 12.42 PM IST

Brief and meaningful life of Kumaranasan


Gurudevan always opened his door when Kumaranasan came to see him. But once he did not open the door, the day Kumaranasan came to seek permission to go to Pallana. The Guru's door remained closed despite repeated requests from the disciples. Kumaranashan left as it was time for the boat. The Guru opened the door and came out after the boat on which Kumaranasan had boarded had left the Varkala boat jetty. ''Kumaru is gone" these are the words that came out. The visionary Guru knew that Kumaranasan was going to die. Guru has taught through his life and visions that no matter who tries to stop him, the will of God will be carried out.

Kumaranasan was Guru's first and last discovery. It is difficult to point to another person like Kumaranasan who lived such a meaningful life, despite of it being a short one. He has a multi-faceted personality. He excelled in the fields of literature, culture, community, organization and industry.

Asan's best known poem is 'Veenapoovu', which seeks to convey the meaning of life beyond pleasures and sorrows through the visions of human relationships. Some people consider 'Karuna' as his best work. The idea of a prostitute ​​falling in love with a saint is still revolutionary today. This year marks the 150th birth anniversary of the poet. He also worked for the development of SNDP yogam. Asan has never been disrespectful to other communities while working for the community in which he was born and raised. He also criticised the caste based discrimination through his poetry. One of Asan's best friends was Shivalinga Swamy, who was born into a Nair family in Aruvipuram and later became a disciple of Guru.Many of Asan's hymns have not been properly interpreted. Asan's used a new style of language in poetry and after each reading the ideas become more clearer. Kumaranasan is a universal poet and a pride to Malayalees

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