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Thursday, 07 July 2022 12.36 PM IST

Kudumbashree celebrates silver jubilee


Kudumbashree, the pride of Kerala, is celebrating its silver jubilee today. An idea that started 25 years ago has become a great model for the country. The movement was recognized as the best example of women empowerment and was even appreciated abroad. Out of 3.5 crore of Kerala population, half of it is women. The fact that about forty-six lakh of them are members of Kudumbashree makes us realize its popularity. Kudumbashree has a presence not only in villages but also in the cities. Many exemplary enterprises are doing well under it. Kudumbashree's achievements in the field of poverty alleviation have already benefited lakhs of poor families.

Starting from today, the Silver Jubilee celebrations will be continue for one year. They take on a huge social responsibility by meeting the credit needs of poor families. They were able to lend more than Rs 22,000 crore from banks on mutual guarantee.Kudumbashree's scope of work ranges from janakeeya bhakshanashala to small enterprises. It also cultivates in 33,310 hectares by three and a half lakh agricultural communities.

As part of the Silver Jubilee, a new project called 'Vayomaitri' is being implemented for the welfare of the old age people. The plan is to start the project in ten CDS's in the first phase. Taking care of the old age people is the responsibility of society as a whole.

Kudumbashree has made glorious achievements in the field of poverty alleviation. There are still some areas to look out for. One of them is the increasing number of family problems and subsequent suicides. The group should reach out to people who need help. Kudumbashree can also do a good job in matters related to health care like raising awareness, organizing camps, and helping to secure social security pensions. Let the experiences of 25 years guide them to discover new possibilities.

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