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Friday, 01 July 2022 1.19 AM IST

Amazing battle for survival for both fronts


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: On the one hand, the government intervention ensured justice in the death of Vismaya, and on the other hand, the survivor of the actress assault case is lamenting that the government is sabotaging justice. As the campaign in Thrikkakara focuses on both the cases, it is turning into an amazing battle for survival for both the fronts.

While the ruling and opposition parties are arming themselves with both cases, the slogan of women's security is being raised yet again in Kerala politics. Both are weapons capable of influencing not only the women voters of Thrikkakara but the entire society.

The UDF is using the writ petition filed by the survivor actress in the high court as its weapon. The actress complained that the top brass of the administration was interfering to prevent the probe from reaching the accused's lawyers. She also alleged that the move was to put an end to the case at the halfway stage. When the victim herself claimed that the government, which initially supported her and effectively intervened in the investigation, was sabotaging the case, the opposition leaders are lashing out at the government by claiming that the government's feminism was a sham.

However, the Left Front defends itself by claiming that the verdict in the Vismaya case was evidence of the government's commitment. Justice was ensured by the excellent intervention of the investigation team and the prosecution. The Left Front also highlights the exemplary manner in which the accused was initially dismissed from service. According to the LDF leaders, yesterday's verdict was the first of its kind in Kerala.

The emotional argument put forward by the Congress is that PT Thomas was the first to intervene soon after the actress got attacked. According to UDF leaders, If PT Thomas was alive, he would have fought hard to ensure justice for the survivor. Candidate Uma Thomas also reacted emotionally. The UDF is trying to make the issue active on social media.

Meanwhile, the Left leaders are saying that they do not know why the actress complained. Many even raised suspicion over the actress's action of creating a controversy during the time of the election campaign in Thrikkakara. However, the leadership is determined not to react further regarding the issue. They will try to move forward with the development agenda.

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