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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 4.23 PM IST

Heated debate in assembly over attack on AKG Centre


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: With the police still groping in the dark even after five days since an explosive was hurled at the AKG Centre, Opposition Leader VD Satheesan on Monday hinted that the CPM itself was behind the attack on AKG Centre. However, the CM retorted by stating that there was a definite conspiracy behind the attack and that the culprit will be soon arrested.

The CM and the Opposition Leader engaged in heated arguments while discussing the adjournment motion presented by PC Vishnnadh. Vishnunadh alleged that the police were mysteriously slow in examining the CCTV footage of the attack on the AKG Centre. Vishnunadh went on to mock the CPM b stating that what happened in the AKG Centre was a nano terror attack. It was a terror attack targeting three stones that couldn’t even burn dry leaves, he said.

As the adjournment motion was rejected by the House, by a show of hands, Satheesan and UDF staged a walkout claiming that the issues raised by them have not been answered or addressed by the Chief Minister.

"We don't want to raise unnecessary controversies. We want to stop attacks on political party offices. CPM is turning the attack against its own state office into a celebration. They are trying to create riots by attacking Congress offices. I doubt whether EP Jayarajan left half an hour earlier before the attack. Police were deployed in front of AKG Centre until a day before the attack. However, security was withdrawn on the day of the attack. Who was behind this? There are more than 70 CCTVs in the area. Then how did the culprit manage to escape from the area?" Satheesan asked.

The CM hit back by stating that the opposition had not even condemned the attack against the CPM's state headquarters. “KPCC president’s initial response was that the attack was planned by E P Jayarajan. He made the statement the next day of the incident. Why couldn’t they condemn? The party and the government have dismissed the attack on Rahul Gandhi’s office. This is the method adopted by the CPM. If something wrong happens, then the CPM will not justify it. The attack on Rahul’s office was wrong. Don’t teach me who Sudhakaran is. I am not going into such matters. It was not right to call E P the planner. The attack on AKG Centre didn’t happen suddenly. So far, it’s been clear that a vehicle had passed before the Centre. He would have understood the areas of police surveillance. We are not trying to catch any one person. The police are trying to find the real culprit. The accused will be nabbed. There is no doubt about that. The police questioning a person, who had uploaded a post about hurling stones at the AKG Centre, is a normal action. It is better to ask Sudhakaran about bombs and its methods. A case was registered in connection with the KPCC attack. Those who attacked the Kottayam DCC office have been arrested. Be clean in life”, said the chief minister.

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