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Tuesday, 27 September 2022 10.55 AM IST

With advent of new Electricity Amendment Bill


As development and progress increases, the cost of electricity will increase in any country. As demand increases and supply decreases, electricity rates naturally increase. In the country, electricity is generally distributed in the public sector. Politics often comes into play in providing power subsidy and concession to farmers etc. Politics in the power sector can cost boards and lead to frequent hikes in power rates. Current electricity rates in big cities are more than the middle class can afford. Aam Aadmi Party used this as its biggest trump card. When the party came to power, it fulfilled the election promise of halving the electricity bill of a common man in Delhi. They repeated this in Punjab too. The main reason why people rate Aam Aadmi Party differently from other political parties is their move to reduce electricity rates. People will not want the public sector if the prices are increased frequently. People are no longer in the mood to tolerate public sector's inefficiency and corruption as they used to be. People now have the wisdom to accept whoever provides better service at a lower cost, whether it is public sector, private sector or foreigner. When people's attitudes change, old rules and regulations need to be changed. This is why the Centre has brought the new Electricity Amendment Bill, which has been passed by the Lok Sabha.

The opposition alleges that facilities built with public money are being given to private companies to make profit. There is no point in this. Airports in the country are built by the government. Private companies are allowed to land there. A fee is charged for the same. The ultimate benefit of this is the passenger. Likewise, Union Energy Minister R.K. Singh clarified that giving private companies the use of electricity distribution network is not free but they will be charged for it. Also, private companies cannot raise prices as much as they want. The upper limit and base limit of rates are fixed by the state regulatory authorities. So price differences can be implemented only in the meantime. In this way, the customer will have the opportunity to choose who provides the most efficient electricity at the lowest cost. The central government has assured that the Electricity Amendment Bill will not eliminate existing subsidies or lead to rate hikes. Along with this, every household should be encouraged to use solar energy to generate the electricity they need. KSEB's plan to bring solar power to a quarter of a lakh homes in the state for Onam is commendable in this context.

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