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Sunday, 04 December 2022 2.39 PM IST

Obey order, don't ask counter questions, Governor says to Kerala University VC; VC criticizes Chancellor in Syndicate


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has issued a warning to Kerala University Vice Chancellor Mahadevan Pillai for asking him about the action taken on the Senate resolution to cancel the two-member search committee formed by the governor. Earlier, the Kerala University VC had raised the question when the governor asked to give a representative of the Senate to the search committee to select the new Vice-Chancellor.

Yesterday, the governor sent a reply letter to the VC reminding him that it is the Chancellor's order to inform the Senate representative and that it should be complied with. The governor also stated that he will move ahead with the work of the search committee even if the VC decides not to give a representative. This is the fifth letter sent by the governor to the university asking for a senate representative.

The VC had sent a letter on Monday along with the legal advice of the Standing Council stating that the governor's action was illegal.

Raj Bhavan clarified that the senate's resolution to withdraw the search committee is not very important and the governor will not reply to the VC's question.

In yesterday's syndicate meeting, the Vice Chancellor criticized the governor's action in forming a two-member search committee.

"A three-member search committee is required as per university rules. A representative cannot be nominated to a two-member committee. I will have to explain in the Senate the Chancellor's position on the August 20 Senate resolution to cancel the two-member search committee. That is why I sent a letter and asked for the position of chancellor. I have not received a reply." the VC said.

The Syndicate meeting adjourned without deciding to call the Senate or appoint a representative.

VP Mahadevan Pillai's term will end on October 24. The term of MG University's vice chancellor will also come to an end very soon. The governor is of the opinion that good academic experts must be appointed as VCs instead of those with political connections.

Behind the warning

1) The VC is bound to comply with any order of the Chancellor. According to Section 10(11) of the University Act, action can be taken against the VC if he does not act faithfully.

2) The VC can be suspended for dereliction of duty for violating the order to convene a meeting of the Senate. The Governor, who is the appointing authority, has the power to take disciplinary action.

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