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Monday, 30 January 2023 7.26 AM IST

Why not arrest those who instigated violence? High Court on Vizhinjam clash


KOCHI: The High Court on Monday asked what the government did to ensure law and order in Vizhinjam and why those who instigated the attack on the police station were not arrested. The court also directed the government to take all possible measures to ensure law and order in the area.

Justice Anu Sivaraman's directive came on petitions filed by Adani Group and construction contracting company Howe Engineering Projects seeking police protection for the construction of the port. The court will consider the petitions again on Friday.

State Attorney N Manoj Kumar, appearing for the government, explained that 40 policemen were injured in the attack on the station and steps have been taken to ensure law and order. 3000 people were part of the strike. A detailed affidavit will be submitted by including video footage clarifying the steps taken by the police.

The protestors will be charged compensation for the damage caused the other day. The government also disclosed the details of the attack on the police station by the protesters. More than 500 policemen have been deployed in the region.

When the High Court considered the petition last time, the protesters had assured the court that heavy vehicles would be allowed in the project area. On that day, the government had informed the court that it would negotiate with the protesters on Friday and arrange for vehicles to be brought to the project area on Saturday. However, the protesters attacked the vehicles that arrived accordingly, the construction company said.

According to the petitioners, the police did not try to stop the violence. The protesters committed violence to show that they are not ready to follow the law. The government was unwilling to issue prohibitory orders to curb the violence. The petitioners also stated that the government systems had remained helpless when the violence took place.

No preconceived notions about central forces

According to the government, the current situation will not change even if the central forces are called in. It said that it is working to find a solution without causing any untoward incidents. However, the counsel for the Centre replied that it is not the state government that should say what the central forces can do. He also said that there should be no prejudice or speculation in this regard.

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