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Friday, 03 February 2023 9.32 AM IST

Shortfalls of zoo


Trivandrum zoo is one of the biggest attractions for visitors from other states and districts. It was one of the most prominent zoos in the country. But at present, it is pathetic due to many shortfalls. Measures for timely modernization and protection of animals are not happening there. The situation has reached such a stage that the deers are dying from tuberculosis. From April 2022 to 20th January 2023 an estimated 53 deers have died. 37 among them are blackbucks. The main concern now is whether the diseases will spread from the animals to the people who attend to them. If that happens then it will lead to serious repercussions.

Though the facilities to treat the animals have been provided, due to the lack of necessary staff it has not been functioning effectively. The health of the staff has to be checked at regular intervals of time as well. The government systems started waking up only after the news of animal deaths broke out. Minister J Chinju Rani who visited the zoo could directly understand the shortfalls there. The main one among them was the lack of a facility for sick animals to be rehabilitated. Another one was that the zoo staff who were attending to the sick animals were not using safety precautions like masks, gloves, or boots. Providing a facility for sick animals to be shifted is a decision that has to be made at the government level. But failure to provide safety precaution necessities to the zoo staff is the responsibility of the Directorate of zoos. If there was a failure on their part then the response should not be delayed.

It is a time when animals are given more consideration than humans all over the world. The zoo is now under the department of wildlife protection. As part of attracting tourists the thought of handing over the responsibility of running the zoo to the tourism department can be considered. It will not be tough for the tourism department to find funding for the renovation of the zoo. The absence of the Director of the Zoo even on the day of the ministerial visit gives the idea that things are not running perfectly there. The feeding room for women on the zoo premises was found closed. The Primate Interpretation Centre and resting spots that were open for visitors once were also found to be closed. Many cages where animals are kept are in bad condition. The cages where the deer are kept separately are also not complete. Immediate action has to be taken before more animals lose their life.

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