Kiddie fan calls ‘Mammukka’, becomes centre of attraction at Ganagandharvan’s shooting location


From kiddies to grandpas, every fan calls mega star Mammotty, ‘Mammukka’. Now, a video of an incident at the shooting location of Mammootty-starrer Ganagandharvan has become a hit on social media.

At the location there is a huge crowd, watching Mammotty shoot for the film.

From the crowd a child, who is being carried in the arms of her mother, can be seen calling Mammukka…mammukka, come here. She also gestures at Mammootty to come near her.

Suddenly all eyes turns towards the child. This also prompts the mega star to look at the child. He smiles and returns a flying kiss.
This video was posted by film personality Ramesh Pisharody.

He also has given the caption, ‘Mammukka Mammukka…Come here… this is the person who interrupt the shooting of Ganagandharvan