No doubt, Modi govt’s move against film piracy will be game changer: Mohanlal


THIRUVAANTHAPURAM: The BJP and RSS are making all-out efforts to push Mohanlal to enter Lok Sabha election scene. They are ready to give the actor a seat in any of the 20 Lok Sabha constituencies. The BJP’s Kerala leadership has made this offer to the great actor.

But Lal was not a person to get lured into all those offers. Not only that, he also made it clear that politics was not his cup of tea and his only job was acting. However, the BJP and RSS are not ready to back off. And interestingly on Thursday, Mohanlal came out to hail the Modi government’s decision to bring amendment in the law against film piracy.

On his Twitter handle he has praised Modi for the proposed amendment against piracy in the film industry. “Cabinet approves the proposal to impose strict penalties against movie piracy. In fact, this step by The Government of India is undoubtedly going to be a game-changer to the film industry…”

The proposal is for amending Section 6A of 1952. According to the amendment, persons who are caught for film piracy will have to undergo a jail term of three years and pay a fine of Rs 10 lakh.