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Sunday, 04 June 2023 11.35 PM IST

Do you have to wait so long to become a cop?


A common complaint is that even when the rank list is in effect, appointments are not being made. Meanwhile, what to do if the rank list is not available even though there are plenty of vacancies? Tens of thousands of police recruits are waiting for PSC's new CPO rank list for a long time. They crossed various hurdles including the sports exam three years ago. PSC is also not able to say when the door of employment will be opened for those, who are eagerly waiting for their future. The CPO rank list can easily be published after all the exams are completed and the certificate verification is completed. But certificate verification remains a major hurdle. Those who have been diligent to complete all the other steps quickly find themselves stuck when it comes to the certificate verification stage.

It is said that there are currently 1380 vacancies in the seven battalions of the police. It is a big thing that so many youths are getting jobs at once. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a rank list, the recruitment process is also taking a long time. It has been more than two and a half years since the old CPO rank list expired. Naturally, the new list should have come and the appointment should have started from it. In a time when the state needs a lot of policemen, the youth have to wait for the appointment. Most of the police stations are functioning without enough CPOs. There are many stations working fits and starts with whatever force they got. There is no shortage of incidents of violence in the state. Theft, extortion, violence against women, murder, and attempted murder are increasing every year. Drug sales and related cases are increasing like never before. Apart from this, the implementation of traffic laws is added burden. As the stations in their respective areas have to handle these tasks, the stations are always busy. There is no need to explain the additional duty needed when the VIP and VVIP guard duty is needed. All these need police presence. These are all things that the government is also aware of. But there is no action to resume the police appointments that were stopped two and a half years ago. Shouldn't they least investigate why the CPO rank list is delayed?

The bad luck of the police rank list started four years ago when the examination malpractice conducted by the ruling front youth leaders to become policemen came out. Even though there is sufficient evidence, no charge sheet has been filed against those involved in the scam. Thousands of people write the competitive exam conducted by PSC. Anyway, getting a government job is a lifelong ambition of young women. Even after working hard to get into the ranks, the delay in the recruitment process makes many people lose their chances. There are many who passed the age cut-off and cannot even appear for the next exam. PSC is a great aspirational institution for many. It is a merciless act to further test the patience of those waiting to become CPOs.

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