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Sunday, 04 June 2023 1.43 PM IST

1st class admission


The central government has suggested that the age for admission to class one should be six years. In Kerala, children are enrolled in school at the age of five. It was the Kothari Education Commission appointed by the Center in 1964-1965 that first suggested that admission to the first class should be six years. Based on the National Education Policy of 2020, 22 states have implemented this proposal as part of the vision of pre-primary education from three to six years, and class one admission in the sixth year. Eight states, including Kerala, are still staying away from this plan. Whereas CBSE and ICSE boards adhere to six years for class one admission.

Most education experts support six years. It's best if the kids get one more year of childhood. It is only after the age of five that children are able to effectively listen, write, read, etc. It is better not to put the burden of learning on their heads at an early age. Parents may want to send their children to school early. Government should not prioritize their interest.

In the state syllabus, it is likely to remain 5 years this academic year. Because to avoid the situation of not having new admissions, it would be better to continue the same pattern. But it is better to increase it to six years at least from the next academic year. Because at a very young age, children may not be able to learn the way we expect them to. At the same time, the system of six years in the boards and five years in the state syllabus will also lead to problems. It is preferable to follow a uniform approach in this regard.

The current system of compulsory study of all subjects till class 10 should also be changed. Educationists should think about whether history, economics, and social studies should be taught even after class 8 to students who are only interested in science subjects. Similarly, even after the 8th class, students who have difficulty learning science, mathematics, etc., can pass the 10th standard only if they study the same, which causes the study to become overburdened. Students who have more interest and marks in humanities subjects are better diverted to that route early. But language learning especially mother tongue learning should be followed with more importance. It is desirable to have more opportunities to learn foreign languages ​​in addition to English, starting at the school level. Our education system itself should be changed in such a way that it will benefit the student in future work and life. Many new job fields are emerging in the world. Educational reforms are needed to enable students to participate in it.

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