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Saturday, 03 June 2023 8.50 PM IST

Clubhouse speaker to fugitive in no time — Amrit Pal Singh


India is often touted as the biggest democracy in the world. Here, any contrarian opinion gets accepted, words get exchanged, political demagoguery thrives and all such drama unfolds which is indeed the color of politics the nation adorns. However, the protest often takes some violent routes—take for example the case of Maoists. The group was recently termed as the tenth most terrorizing organization in the world by an Australian research group. Maoists often indulge in arms warfare and they do this lot to shield the tribals and be the voice of one among the ostracized ones. Albeit the tensions, it should be jotted down that after Narendra Modi’s ascension to power, Maoists were headhunted and their work shrunk to some parts of Telangana and Jharkhand. Their bastions were destroyed, leaders arrested, which invariably made the politics of Modi acceptable. But, ghosting everyone, danger crept in from another corner—Punjab.

Make a visit to Amritsar, you will get into the loop of colors, turbans, kheer, and to shocking slogans that extolls the Khalistan movement and its leader Bhindranwale. It is a presage. Punjab of the 70s is slowly sneaking in through radical ideologies. The main proponents are not inside the nation but from long afar Canada and Britain. The need for a new country for Sikhs has turned the land of five rivers into a dystopian one laced with myths.

Amrit Pal Singh who worked in Dubai returned to Punjab which resurged the Khalistan fervor into the blood of vulnerable Sikhs. Singh formed ‘Waris Punjab De’, a radical outfit intended to achieve the dream target of a new state for Sikhs. Recently, the Ajnala police station in Punjab was attacked by Singh's devotees. The young Singh should have been nipped in the bud by authorities, but the politics and religion got mixed up stymieing all moves from the government. Recently, Amrit Pal Singh through a video warned about a possible murder in the cards for Home Minister Amit Shah akin to what Indira Gandhi endured in the past.

Punjab police are currently on the lookout for Amrit Pal Singh. They have termed him a fugitive. Accusations though were always copious about the working of the police in Punjab. People with religious inclinations are haloed and even revered by the police. Amrit pal could have easily been taken into custody within days but only for the help he received from the khakis in service. He is now on the run for more than two days. Visuals also saw him easily crossing the Jalandhar toll plaza. The police are in cohorts for sure, so it will be better if the investigation gets into NIA's hands. Meanwhile, attacks against Indian nationals from sikh radicals in foreign countries have turned out to be the new normal. The case of the Indian high commission in London getting attacked is horrific, and it showcased the derelict work of police forces. Meanwhile, in protest, a larger-than-life Indian tricolor now welcomes the Khalistanis in London. These people should be identified, their OCIs canceled, and never shall they touch again Indian soil.

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