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Saturday, 23 September 2023 3.50 PM IST

Mutation along with registration


It has been heard for a long time that a facility for mutation on the same day of property registration will be introduced in the village offices. Fortunately for the people, the first trial of such a system was conducted yesterday in selected village offices in all districts. The experiment was a success except for a few technical problems. In a country that has acquired sophisticated rocket technology, there is no difficulty nowadays in completing the mutation process, on behalf of the parties involved, based on the document being registered in the Sub-registrar's office. We are living in a time where e-Governance has developed so much. It is due to the stubbornness of stakeholders that the centuries-old systems remain in the registration offices and revenue offices.

The tax can be paid only if the property is entered in the book of the village office in one's own name after crossing the great barrier of mutation after the registration process. Thus, with the payment of taxes, the right to the land will be acquired. Most people who wait in the village offices of the state do so for the completion of mutation only. The copy of the document from the registration office reaches the village office within a couple of days. Mutation can be done based on the information in this document itself. Similarly, one has to wait for many days for the mutation of the property entitled under the partition deed. It's no secret that influence or bribery helps things go smoothly. Many of the obsolete ones can still be found in government proceedings.
Legal proceedings can be avoided if the documents are straight and clear. Old deeds were characterized by unintelligible language. Language has also changed to a great extent with the change of time. Even if the deed is written in plain language, it will not lose its legal status. Earlier, the government had decided to give the property owner the right to write the document himself. The model deed can still be found on the government website today, but not many people have come forward to take advantage of it. This hesitation may be due to doubts about its validity.

The ones who write the deeds are also against the idea of self-drafting of deeds. This is due to the fear of losing their jobs. However, this reform will also soon come into effect. When computers and DTP came, those with typewriting machines protested. They also complained that their jobs will be lost. Still, typewriters were completely pushed aside and computers took over the scene. Intelligent people abandoned typewriters, bought computers, and started companies. What people want from the administration of the government is speedy decisions. It is the responsibility of the village offices to complete the mutation immediately after the registration of the property. People should not be made regular visitors of village offices for that.

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