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Saturday, 23 September 2023 3.41 PM IST

Kudumbashree celebrating Silver Jubilee


All great ventures start small. The beginning of Kudumbashree, which later grew and became an organization, was also simple. When Kudumbashree was formed on May 17, 1998, with the aim of eradicating poverty and empowering women, even those who formed it could not have predicted that it would become such a huge movement. Today it is the largest women's association in the Asian continent. Such a system, with 46.16 lakh women members in more than three lakh neighborhood groups, is unparalleled.

There is a deposit of Rs 8029.47 crore in the banks of the state belonging to the neighboring groups as part of the microfinance scheme. There is no lack of news in our country about people with crores of assets defrauding banks by taking loans and not repaying them. Meanwhile, the members of Kudumbashree, despite being in a very low financial position, rarely default on loans. Kudumbashree's biggest strength and glory is that it is working honestly. That is why Kudumbashree has been able to create so many remarkable changes in the lives of ordinary women. As part of Kudumbashree's job skilling schemes, 72412 people have already been given employment, which is no small feat in these times of extreme unemployment.

Nowadays more and more business is done online. The fact that Kudumbashree has also ventured into online business, including the ONDC digital platform, is a sign of changing with the times. Apart from Kudumbashree's own website, product distribution through Amazon, Saheli, and Flipkart has also been boosted. Kudumbashree products are also sold in Onam, Ramzan, Vishu and Christmas markets. Janakeeya Hotels which provides delicious food at a relatively low price, Haritakarmasena, and Women's Building Construction Units, are also successful projects undertaken by Kudumbashree. All 24 stations of the Kochi Rail Metro are worked by Kudumbashree women. Currently, 555 people are working here. Economic security of women is ensured also through Goat Village, Ksheerasagaram and Kerala Chicken projects implemented in the animal husbandry sector. The role played by Kudumbashree in leading the backward, needy, helpless and others to the mainstream of society is priceless. The project, which is implemented in collaboration with local institutions, health department and voluntary organizations, provides support and shade to 1,57,382 needy families in the state. Plans are underway to empower 11092 differently-abled students by providing training in 330 BUDs institutions.

Kudumbashree, which started in Kerala, is a model for the whole of India today. The Kudumbashree model has been implemented in 24 states and one union territory of India through the National Resource Organization. Kudumbashree, which is on the cusp of its silver jubilee, can undoubtedly be expected to conquer more peaks and advance.

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