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Thursday, 22 February 2024 3.23 AM IST

Uthra model murder again, youth kills wife and daughter by releasing snake


BHUVANESWAR: Another Uthra model murder that shocked Kerala in the country has been witnessed again. A 25-year-old youth brutally killed his wife and daughter in order to get the government compensation given to relatives if died of snake bites. The shocking incident happened in Odisha's Ganjam district. The police have arrested the youth identified as Ganesh Patra in connection with the incident.

Ganesh Patra's wife Basanti Patra (23) and daughter Debasmita were killed. The Odisha Government will give a compensation of Rs 8 lakh to those dying of snake bites. His main goal was to get this. The police said family issues are also a reason for the murder. Basanti Patra and her daughter were found dead on October 7. The police registered a case of unnatural death and so no significant investigation was conducted. However, Basanti's father came forward demanding an inquiry into the death of his daughter and baby. In his complaint, he mentioned that his son-in-law Ganesh Patra killed both of them after releasing a snake in their room. With this, the police registered a case of murder and started investigation.

Ganesh during interrogation initially said that he did not kill anyone and both died of snakebite. He later said that the snake may have entered the room on its own. With this, the police examined the post-mortem report in detail. It soon became clear that the snake bit the same place on the bodies of the two. Experts told the police that the possibility of this happening is very low. Along with that, Ganesh's statement that the snake remained in the room after biting both of them raised a doubt. Ganesh told police that he later killed the snake he saw in the room. The experts informed the police that there is no chance for that. The fact that neither of them screamed after being bitten raised suspicions. Since it has been more than a month since the incident, the police took time to collect evidence.

Meanwhile, the police got information that he had taken a new SIM card a few days ago. Things became clear in that way of investigation. It was from this number he called the snake charmer to buy cobra. He told the snake catcher that he was conducting a special function at home and needed a cobra for it. Believing this, the snake catcher put the snake in a plastic cover and handed it over to him. The snake kept secretly, was let loose in the room when the two were sleeping and then hurt it and bit both of them. Ganesh later confessed to have committed the crime alone. Police said that he used to harass her for dowry.

Uthra, a native of Anchal in Kollam was bitten to death by her husband Suraj using a snake. Uthra was first bitten by a viper but she had survived then. He later released a cobra to bite her. When Uthra was bitten by a snake twice in a row, her family grew suspicious and lodged a complaint. In the subsequent investigation, it was found to be murder. Suraj was arrested on May 24 in 2022.

The court sentenced him to 17 years of rigorous imprisonment followed by double life imprisonment. It is enough to serve life imprisonment together. A fine of Rs 5.85 lakh was also imposed on him.

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