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Saturday, 18 May 2024 5.59 AM IST

Future of students should not be hampered by delaying certificates


The judgment issued by the High Court judge Justice Devan Ramachandran the other day that there is a right to a caste certificate even if one is of a different religion. This shows that there are still people in the revenue department who deny certificates to the parents who approach the offices for educational purposes for petty reasons. The High Court directed the Vaikom Tehsildar to issue a certificate of Pulaya community membership to a girl born to a Pulaya community mother and a Christian father. The court criticized the process of not issuing the certificate despite having all other favourable factors and also gave strict instructions that the certificate should be issued immediately.

The court observed that even though they belong to different communities, the living conditions should also be taken into account. In this regard, the amicus curiae report submitted before the court stated that the child grew up experiencing social and economic backwardness. The village officer also gave a report that the couple married according to Hindu customs were living in the same way. The certificate was denied on the grounds that the husband had not converted to Hinduism.

The RDO also rejected the application. It was said in the application that the family is struggling even for daily expenses as the husband is bedridden. Taking this situation into account, the village officer gave a favourable report. But the Tehsildar did not accept it.

The Tehsildar and RDO interfered with the certificate for the educational needs of a poor child when there was no government order that the people of other religions who were married to the Scheduled Castes should be converted to get SC certificate. What more evidence of misuse of power can there be? Even though it has improved, the government itself says that the most number of corrupt officers are in the revenue offices in the state. No matter which government comes to power, there is no fundamental change in this.

The revenue department is headed by the energetic Manti K Rajan. No doubt he is working hard to eradicate corruption and make the department more transparent. There is no need to think twice to say that the revenue department is also a department where anything can be done easily if a bribe is given. This is a time when students start applying for various exams. Government should make sure their needs are not hampered by red tape.

The government should also recognize the fact that the poor are still suffering a lot when it is said that all the services have been made online with the advent of K-DISC. It would be useful to start a help desk either in the village office or in the taluk offices to address the needs of those who come for certificates of educational needs urgently. This matter should be seriously considered by the government.

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