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Saturday, 18 May 2024 7.34 PM IST

Fear of war spreading in West Asia; will this lead to World War III?


The Iran-Israel conflict has once again spread the fear of war in the West. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal citing a senior Iranian official, Iran will retaliate within two days after Israel's attack on its diplomatic office in Syria. According to the report, attacks can take place anywhere, anytime in Israel. The conflict between Israel and the armed group Hamas has been ongoing for six months in Gaza, causing massive damage and death. That is, the conflict is not between two countries. However, if Iran and Israel go to war, there is a high possibility that it will escalate and go beyond a war between two countries.

The Ministry of External Affairs has warned Indians not to travel to Israel and Iran due to security concerns. The US, on the other hand, has imposed travel restrictions on its diplomats and their family members in Israel. The commander of US forces in West Asia is in Tel Aviv for important talks. Israeli reservists whose military leave was cancelled have also been asked to return to work. The people of Israel are expecting a war. They have started collecting essential supplies and shifting the children to safe centres.

The ongoing war and destruction in Gaza has angered not only Iran but also other Islamic countries. In this context, if there is a war between Iran and Israel, there is a high possibility that other neighbouring countries will also intervene and participate in the war. Allied countries such as the United States and the UK can also rally in support of Israel. There are also fears that this will start a third world war. On April 1, Israel bombed the diplomatic office in Syria, killing 13 members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, including two top Iranian military generals. This is what has provoked Iran to attack Israel.

Israel remains on high alert due to the threat of airstrikes. Israel has prepared warplanes to drop bombs on strategic areas of Iran in its counterattack in a situation where Iran bombs Israel. If another war breaks out in West Asia, it will negatively affect hundreds of thousands of Malayalis living in the Gulf and elsewhere. The price of petrol, gas and other essential commodities may skyrocket. Any war will only bring misery to the people. Therefore, other countries and people who want peace in the world should put pressure on hostile countries to end any war before it starts.

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