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Tuesday, 21 May 2024 9.50 AM IST

Vishu Kaineettam from Malayalis


Kerala is a land that comforts with love. A land that extends a helping hand out of mercy. A land that brushes away the sorrows of tears through constant care. The world once again witnessed the great example of humanity embraced by Kerala when the people of the state raised Rs 34 crore rupees for the release of a young man named Abdul Raheem. This is the 'Vishu Kaineettam' offered by the Malayalis to the mother and family members of Abdul Raheem who are waiting for his release. Kerala is the name of the place where Sree Narayana Guru's poignant 'Atmopadesa Śatakam', which speaks of the importance of showing love and affection to others, is remembered. This is a land that honours Ramana Maharshi, who asked, "Are others not us? For us Malayalis, showing compassion towards others is a hallmark of culture.

Abdul Raheem had flown to Saudi Arabia with a thousand dreams about his home and family. Before he could even begin to chase the dreams he harboured in his heart, he found himself behind bars in the Arab land - for no fault of his own. Or due to an unknowing mistake. Saudi Arabia's strict legal system sentenced the young man to death. Following this, he remained in jail for several years. At a time when he was spending sleepless nights worrying that the death noose was going to tighten around his neck, the stream of the Malayalis' mercy flowed to him unabated. Malayalis from all over the world came together to speed up that great flow.

Many people have played a sincere role in coordinating it. The prominent businessman Boby Chemmannur, affectionately known as 'Boche' by Malayalis, is the name that stands at the forefront. From the southern tip of Kerala, he initiated a fundraising effort named 'Yachaka Yathra' by donating one crore rupees with his own hands. The journey of 'Boche' was a great message to collect the ransom. Words won't be sufficient to praise the magnanimity of 'Boche', who announced that he will arrange the means of livelihood for Abdul Raheem when he returns home. Likewise, prominent film actor and Thrissur NDA candidate Suresh Gopi also strongly intervened for Raheem's release. People from all walks of life and age groups contributed to raising this enormous sum.

Every penny donated for this great cause calls out the brotherhood in the minds of the Malayalis who have been living together for ages. Love and brotherhood still remain in the minds of people as before. It is the politicians who try to create a rift among people for various interests. The Malayalis who remain united have brought a spring season of new hopes to the home of a family that had lost hope. As the Chief Minister said, this is the story of real Kerala. May this great flow of care continue forever.

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