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Thursday, 23 May 2024 12.44 PM IST

Benny got provoked after Rosamma decided to get married in temple, despite being Christians


ALAPPUZHA: ‘She's gone... save me. I’ve made a mistake...This is how Benny (55) of Poomkavu in Alappuzha revealed the secret of killing his sister after smashing her head with a hammer and burying her body in the backyard of their ancestral house. He confessed to the crime before his niece Suja Ani yesterday morning. Suja didn't think that she will have to witness a scene that rivaled cinema in her life, even when he repeated ‘Drishyam’ twice. Suja and the people around were shocked on Benny's revelation.
The people didn’t know that there was a reason that ended in the murder between the loving siblings.

Murder committed on April 17
Rosamma after her husband Johnny of Kavalam deserted her 35 years ago, worked as a maid, to raise her children. A good portion of her salary was deposited in the bank. She used that money for her personal needs when she did not go for work. Benny and his son were staying in their ancestral house in North Parambil. Rosamma, her younger son Joemon and family were staying in the three cents of land which they got. Rosamma goes to Benny’s house and cook food for her. Her son and wife had seen Rosamma on the evening of April 17. Joemon told police that he did not see her after he returned from the hospital in Ernakulam on April 18.


Provoked on remarriage
Rosamma's decision to remarry in her 60s may have provoked Benny. Her relatives said that Rosamma was getting herself ready for remarriage as she was not in good terms with her children. She got a marriage proposal from a man in Champakulam, who was estranged from his wife, through a broker. Rosamma's friend Elizabeth said that the two had decided to get married in a temple on May 1, despite being Christians. Rosamma had showed the thali and ring to her niece Suja. Benny’s wife had died of cancer ten years ago. Rosamma had financially helped Benny, a mason.

Intervention of Elizabeth becomes turning point
Rosamma had worked in the house of Elizabeth of Thumpoly, for three years. Since then, the two maintained a cordial relationship. They used to call regularly and share everything. However, after calling Rosamma for days and not being able to get her on the phone, Elizabeth came to Benny's house in search of her while returning from the church on Sunday. Benny told her that she may have gone for work to Angamaly. Elizabeth later called Suja on the phone and raised her doubts.


Marriage, murder

When Benny said, ‘She has gone…’ hearing the first part, Suja thought that Rosamma may have got married despite her family’s objections. However, after repeating 'Drishyam' twice and confessing that it was a mistake, Suja informed the police.

A large crowd thronged the place after hearing about the murder. A big pit was dug to bury her body. He had dumped clothes along with the body. He confessed to the crime as he could not bear the mental pressure.

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