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Thursday, 13 June 2024 7.25 AM IST

Will BJP come up with 'Plan B' if it does not get 272 seats in Lok Sabha elections? this is what Amit Shah said in reply


NEW DELHI: The country is currently going through the intense heat of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. Meanwhile, the political world is curious to find if Narendra Modi will once again become the Prime Minister if the BJP retains power at the Centre. The BJP is facing the elections with full confidence. During a media interaction, BJP leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah was asked if the BJP would resort to Plan B if it does not get 272 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. Amit Shah's reply to this question is now being widely discussed all over the country.

Replying to the question of the journalists, Amit Shah said that the BJP does not have a Plan B.

"I don't see any such possibilities. An army of 60 crore beneficiaries stands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They have no caste or age... Those who have received all these benefits know how to give 400 seats to Narendra Modi," Amit Shah said.

"The BJP does not have a Plan B. The party's Plan A will always succeed. We need to think about Plan B only when there is less than a 60% chance for Plan A to succeed. I am sure that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will once again come to power by a huge majority. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the biggest supporter of SC, ST and OBC reservation," Amit Shah said.

When quizzed about the BJP's allegation that the Congress was trying to divide India into North India and South India, Amit Shah replied that the BJP would not allow anyone to divide the country.

"If someone says that the South is a separate country then it is highly objectionable. Our country can never be divided again,” he said.

"One senior leader of the Congress had said that India should be divided into North India and South India. The Congress party neither denied the remark nor retracted the statement. The people of the country can understand the agenda of the Congress. The BJP will soon emerge as the single largest party combining the 5 states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. The BJP needs 400 seats to protect the border and ensure the welfare of the common man," he added.

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