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Thursday, 22 October 2020 9.50 AM IST

Mismanagement that destroys study opportunities


Nobody seems to be bothered about the big cost students had to pay due to mere mismanagement in higher education sector.
Despite the existence of separate university for different field, there is no much change in the state of affairs.
Technical varsity was established to improve the standard of engineering education but it could not bring much change, the fact which is substantiated by the recent B Tech exam result.
Despite the establishment of Medical University, government medical colleges are struggling to get recognition.
Certain colleges are in dire straits due to lack of basic infrastructure and faculty. There have also been instances when students in such colleges have had to move court against the colleges. Even recently there have been instances when students, in the midst of their course, have had to leave the college with teary eyes after coming to know that their colleges have been derecognised.
The other day in a major setback to the Idukki Government Medical College authorities, the institute had lost the chance to admit 50 MBBS students this academic year as the apex Medical Council of India (MCI) had denied it permission on the same. The medical college reportedly failed to pass the standards of MCI approval as the Medical Council of India marked certain lacks in the infrastructure and other facilities of the institution in its recent inspection. After inspection, the council denied permission to the college for admitting students.

The Idukki Medical College started six years ago, admission happened in the first two years.
The council issued the order denying the permission during one of its hearing on September 25th. Hence, the institution will not be able to admit 50 MBBS students for the coming academic session.
The MCI board of governors secretary-general RK Vats has already submitted a letter to the medical college mentioning seven defects and inconsistencies in the administration which include residents (58%), bed occupancy (29.3%), faculty (18%) clinical lab and radiological investigation at the hospital.

Due to irresponsible behaviour, authorities spoiled the dreams of about 100 smart students.
Here also poor students are going to suffer as they will lose the chance to study at less fee.

College authority claim was that they were able to solve all the shortcomings pointed out by the Medical Council.
And the Council’s unilateral decision was overlooking all this.
The government will have to think about what can be done to correct the Medical Council’s destructive decision.
Following the news of the Medical College, came the news of 14 courses under Agricultural University losing recognition.
Here recognition was lost for research, PG and Graduate level courses.
Here also recognition was cancelled for the similar reasons for which Idukki medical college also faced action.
The council’s decision is going to affect about 500 students.
The place of Velllayani agricultural college, which was first in the national level is far behind.
This is the college which is going to be affected worse due to cancellation of courses.
Similarly students studying in Malappuram, Thrissur Agricultural college will also be affected by the council’s decision.
This situations are created due to the fault of authorities who fail to identify the problems and issues from time to time.
Like in the Medical colleges, in Agricultural universities too, many responsible posts are lying vacant.
While cancelling the recognition of 14 courses, what the council pointed as the deficiencies were lack of teachers to teach the respective courses.

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