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Thursday, 21 January 2021 4.19 AM IST

Let Vaccine come..Don’t fight…


It is unfortunate that some controversy has erupted in connection with Covid vaccines India has approved for restricted use even as the vaccination is set to begin next week as part of the Covid prevention efforts.

What is more unfortunate is the fact that two vaccine manufacturing companies have been dragged into the controversy triggered by politicians over vaccines’ efficacy.

Certain opposition leaders who have no scientific basis and who have been waiting for a chance to censure the Union government have taken out their weapons to attack the government.

Amid the controversy surrounding the approval granted to Covaxin and a day after Bharat Biotech MD Krishna Ella reacted angrily to criticisms levelled against "Indian companies and scientists", the Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech issued a joint statement on Tuesday, communicating their "joint pledge to provide global access for our COVID-19 vaccines". Adar Poonawalla, CEO, Serum Institute of India, took to Twitter an hour before the joint statement was to be made, saying, "would like to clarify two matters; as there is confusion in the public domain, exports of vaccines are permitted to all countries and a joint public statement clearing up any recent miscommunication with regards to Bharat Biotech will be made.

After the joint statement was issued, Adar Poonawalla again tweeted, this time putting up a copy of the joint statement. He captioned the post, "This should clarify any miscommunication. We are all united in the fight against this pandemic." The move by both the vaccine makers comes at a time when statements were made which were critical of the government's approval for Bharat Biotech's Covaxin and the subsequent lashing out of Bharat Biotech MD Krishna Ella, questioning and calling the criticism a way to attack Indian scientists, as "they are easy."

It is not the right move from the part of politicians to come up with indiscriminate criticism on an issue that should be solely dealt by scientists, research institutes and higher committees related to the medical field.

Especially when it comes from the mouth of people’s representatives, it will have vast political ramifications. Everyone knows inoculation is not a short-term process and all can just imagine how long it will take to get the entire population of about 140 crore vaccinated. It will take months.

The effectiveness of the vaccine can be fully verified before the first stage is completed. It is therefore easy to see that the suspicions now being raised by some quarters against the vaccine are unfounded and based on speculation.

Samajwadi Party leader of Uttar Pradesh had made a public statement that he will never accept the vaccine that the BJP is trying to give to the people as it is a vaccine.

How mindless, ridiculous and immature statement is this!.

These are the kind of leaders who run to multispecialty hospitals if they catch Covid. It is unfair for such leaders to sow the seed of suspicion in the minds of common people who are longing for the vaccine. What these people do is a big crime.
These vaccines are the fruits of the hard work of many scientists and other professionals for about eight months. The two vaccines that the whole country can be proud of are ready to be developed and marketed.

As the Prime Minister said it rightly, this achievement makes every Indian proud. The country is preparing for the largest immunization drive in the world.

Each stage of vaccination has been organized in a very safe manner. All the necessary preparations are underway at various levels.

The list of those who are to be vaccinated is being prepared on the basis of priority. There will also be a facility to evaluate the clinical results every fortnight.

Following the careless comments made by certain politicians in the Opposition, Bharat Bitotech chief had come out with retaliatory statements and claims about their products. Earlier Serum Institute of Pune chief had also praised the quality of its vaccine Covishield. These reactions are unwarranted amidst controversial talks on the efficacy of the vaccine.
These people who are toiling and sweating a lot to save people from the pandemic should not make meaningless comments and pollute or poison the environment.

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