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Wednesday, 03 March 2021 5.01 AM IST

If this is the state, how will scams end?


The recent embezzlement of over Rs 2 crore in the Thiruvananthapuram Vanchiyoor sub-treasury had caused a lot of noise. The incident took place when money was stolen from the collector’s account using the password and username of a retired treasury officer.

It is true that the swindler was expelled. It was also heard that the police had registered a case. But the news that the government has now acquitted all the other officials accused in connection with the incident is shocking.

The departmental disciplinary action, which ended with a mere warning, was the natural consequence of the lackadaisical approach taken by the government from the beginning of the incident. The Vanchiyoor sub-treasury scam was a shocking event that shattered the public perception that transactions in the treasury, which is part of the government treasury, are extremely transparent and honest.

There are many who doubt whether such a scam was possible with the planning of just a single officer.

Things has end in a way, deceiving people who thought the real picture would come out when the investigation at the departmental and police level was over.
The announcement that an in-depth investigation will be carried out to find the roots of the scam also become a fake promise.

When the Vanchiyoor scam came to light, there were many reports of similar incidents in different parts of the state.

It was also heard that Vigilance will be called in but what followed was hurriness to husp up the matter.

Attempts to save such culprits instead of giving them exemplary punishment will therefore be a provocation for others to commit similar financial crime.

This is not a case that should be wound up with a mere warning. Organisational strength should never be a protective shield for crime.

In places where money is handled like the treasury, even minor mistakes are taken very seriously.

In the case of Vanchiyoor, a huge amount was transferred through fraud. It is alleged that the authorities concerned did not inform their superiors and the police in time.

It is now clear that nothing significant has caught the eyes of the team of experts investigating the scam. If it is enough to face a light punishment, many people may try new ways of cheating, no matter how big the fraud.

Fraud and corruption are not confined to one place. There is a lot of news coming out every year about the irregularities and anomalies in the exam sections of universities. The other day also one such case came out from the University of Kerala.

A Section Officer was also suspended in connection with mark correction. Allowing such persons to remain in service only will only be an impetus to those with bad motives commit such crimes.

Leniency can be shown to people who happen to do petty harmless mistakes but no sympathy should be shown to people who knowingly commit crimes like embezzlement of funds or manipulate mark list.

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