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Monday, 01 March 2021 4.36 AM IST

Future shouldn't be determined by 'dirty laundry'


Solar scandal stories are going to be a major issue again in the upcoming assembly elections. The incumbent government which has been eager to oust the CBI from the state is inviting them to investigate this scandal. Let the absurdity over it wait. The decision that such a move is necessary to fatten up the election campaign is certainly not the political wisdom of the Left Front. When there were so many good things to be numbered in front of the people, there was no need to dust off the distorted images that people have been looking at on the political walls for years. It is doubtful whether the LDF leadership would have had the desired effect if the CBI probe into the solar case is with the intention of silencing its opponents and creating contempt for them among the people. The people here have seen a lot of probe results not only on the solar scandal but also on many others.

The major fronts in the state have a tradition of facing elections with clear and unambiguous manifestos. Meanwhile, corruption stories come to the fore at various stages. It is true that all this will help the election campaign to get spicy. But sexually explicit stories like solar may not be as valuable as they used to be. It can only exist as a propaganda weapon to confront political opponents.

As the election draws to a close, Lavalin and, more recently, solar case have become a regular occurrence. For a decade and a half, the UDF has come up with the Lavalin scandal story to cripple Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. It's not over yet and the solar case has made a reappearance amid this. A total of 16 top UDF leaders have been charged but only six have already been booked. The state government is trying to get these six cases taken over by the CBI. The scandal has gained great political significance as it includes top leaders, including former Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, who was appointed to lead the UDF in the upcoming elections. There are many who see the politics behind the government's order to hand over the solar sexual abuse cases to the CBI without even waiting for the cabinet decision. The change in their stance on handing over the solar torture case to the CBI just days before the elections is questionable.

In any case, the question is whether the Left Front needed to shoulder the dirty burden of the solar case left behind by the probe teams themselves, as it could face the election with its head held high without bringing up this case. Maybe the opposition will probably make a profit out of this. It should be remembered that the Left Front reaped great rewards in the recent local body elections without the help of scandal stories. It is very clear that the people's approval is for the development agenda. They are watching everything going on in the country. Political parties should try not to give any place in society to such scandal propaganda. There is a saying that anything is okay in war and in elections. But it is political bankruptcy to bring up such scandals to trap opponents in elections. This is something that both fronts need to remember.

It is true that scandal stories always create heat and smoke in politics. Case, investigation and the evidence collections of the probe commission will go on for years. Eventually, all that is left is a bunch of investigative reports that no one needs. Has anyone inquired as to what was the follow-up to the investigation report which was completed in the solar case itself? It was such a waste of finances. The same thing happened in Lavalin. The case is still pending. Only the good things in the manifestos of the fronts will attract those who have hope for the progress and future of the state. No one wears the stinky dirt that lies in the deeps of drainage.

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