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Wednesday, 12 May 2021 11.51 PM IST

Where is the probe?


As it is said, it came like a mountain and went away like a rat. What we are talking about is the progress of the investigation into the alleged irregularities in KSRTC.
The most notorious of the various irregularities was the embezzlement of over 100 crore rupees that was found to have taken place there over three years from 2010. Biju Prabhakar, who has taken over as the new head of the company, made a major statement to the media on January 16 that a thorough investigation would be carried out to find those involved in the scam.

The big news was that the unions in the corporation came out on the same day to block the CMD's move. In any case, the unions themselves emerged the winners because no action was taken in this regard later. As usual, the KSRTC also managed to get money from the government to disburse salary, though there was a little delay.
It is certain that this state will continue next month and in subsequent months. If there is an impression that no action will be there, no matter how many crores are looted from the institution, no one will be afraid of anyone. One can only pray that the present MD of the KSRTC doesnot have the same fate as his predecessors who took over the administration of the institution with the high hope of ‘cleansing’ it to make it corrupt-free.

Those in charge at the time could not tell how the money was swindled because the accounting method was not followed properly. The only speculation at present is that it may have been handed over to the depots as unaccounted money. This is an arrangement that has never been heard of in any other institution in the world. Instead of having to keep accurate accounts of revenue and expenditure and audit and get them approved year after year, the day-to-day running of the organization in a dishonest and unholy manner is only aimed at facilitating irregularities. Not one or two rupees, the company has lost Rs 100 crore without even leaving any clues where the money has gone.
Even though a criminal case has to be registered and investigated by the crime branch, when those responsible are seen dilly dallying, one can get a rough idea of how the public money is leaking. It is also an indirect indication that one should not try to set right the institution by straining the relationship with unions and its stake holders.

Then the Transport Minister and others said that they would give firm support to all the steps taken by the institution’s MD. The truth was that there was no action beyond vocal support. The minister might be thinking that since it is election time, there is no need to interfere at this stage. For them the survival of the institution is not important. But do not forget that the burden of this also falls on the public treasury. It has been proven once again the upper hand is always for bigwigs in the Corporation.

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