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Tuesday, 11 May 2021 3.17 AM IST

There should be an end to vaccination misery


It is natural for people to rush to vaccination centres in the wake of the rapid spread of Covid. Rumours about the availability of the vaccine and concerns about its availability on time have led to a tenfold increase in congestion at vaccination centres. The functioning of vaccination centres is not at all people-friendly, it seems. Meanwhile, there are allegations of irregularities in the registration and unauthorized interference of the officials in charge. This is an allegation that should be taken very seriously. With spot registration completely discontinued and made online only, the registration process should be extremely transparent and accurate. The government should be prepared to investigate and take action on allegations of fraud.

The registration process for the vaccination of eighteen to forty-four people began on Wednesday evening. Vaccination of these groups will start from May 1. It is learned that their vaccination may be concentrated in private hospitals. It will also come at a high price. But uncertainty about the availability of the vaccine remains. In order to carry out extensive vaccination, appropriate arrangements need to be made immediately. Currently, a good portion of those over the age of forty-five are waiting to be vaccinated.
Inadequate supply of vaccines to government centres has also led to law and order problems in many places. Vaccination centres are now functioning on a regular basis through police intervention. People do not have to come to the vaccination centres early in the morning and wait for their turn if they are sure that the vaccination will be given at a pre-scheduled time. Now people are crowded only due to that uncertainty. The inability to regulate the functioning of the vaccination centres even after so many days is a major failure of the official system. As the spread of Covid intensified, it was ordered that half of the officers should stay at home. If the services of some of these people can be utilized at the vaccination centres, they will be able to work more efficiently. Vaccination centers are overcrowded without any restrictions when there is a strict ban on all gatherings. Despite all this, those in charge have turned a blind eye to the rush and crowding in vaccination centres.

By the way manufacturers are charging different prices for the same vaccine. Even the Supreme Court has come out against this. The court also sought the position of the Central Government on the issue. Vaccine companies have also questioned the irrationality of pricing. The Supreme Court has reminded that the government should not stand idle while the state has a responsibility to protect the public interest. The court also directed the Centre to intervene seriously. The court also asked the central government to clarify how the availability of the vaccine will be ensured as more sections will be included in the vaccination program from May 1. As a result of court intervention, a favourable decision in the case of vaccine can be expected.

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