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Thursday, 07 July 2022 3.01 AM IST

Nurses who fall victim to fraud


A group of people in Kerala was recently arrested for cheating several people of lakhs of rupees by advertising that they needed nurses to provide Covid vaccination in government hospitals in Dubai. The police found that the scam was carried out by Take Off, which was operating in Azad Road, Ernakulam. Three people, including the owner, were arrested. No one thinks that this will end the recruitment scams. Another group under a different name will sprout up without much delay. A handful of nurses will also fall into their net. Many people complain when things go awry.

The recruitment agency took about 500 nurses to Dubai in mid-March. Up to 15 people were accommodated in one room. They were promised a job within 30 days of arrival in Dubai and a free stay in addition to a salary of Rs 1.5 lakh. The scammers said that when they could not find a job after two months, the vaccination opportunity was over and those who wanted jobs like home care and home nursing could accept it. It was accepted by those whose condition at home was extremely deplorable. They only got jobs as maids. Salary was very low. The majority did not get a job. A case was registered and the arrest was made after they e-mailed the complaint to the Chief Minister, DGP and Kochi City Police Commissioner. In this context, NORKA and the Non Resident Keralites Affairs Department must take legal action to protect them before they fall victim to fraud. The NORKA website lists the names of more than 500 agencies accredited by the Ministry of External Affairs for recruitment. It can be checked by job seekers. Those who fall into the hands of those who is not enlisted there. Advertisements by such agencies should be monitored by NORKA authorities from now on. Such scams can be prevented to some extent if it can be prevented beforehand.

In order to get a job in the UAE, one must have received an officially signed offer letter. For this you have to pass the technical interview first and then the interview conducted by the HR department. Even after receiving the offer letter, you need an employment visa to enter the job. Eligible rights, including salary, may be explicitly stated in the offer letter of the Ministry of Labor. Only when all these steps are completed can you be sure that you have got a reliable job. When applying for a job in a country including the UAE, you should contact the local company authorities through the career links on the websites. Those who take out a loan and complete their nursing studies and wait for a job to pay off their debts will quickly fall for the tempting offers in advertisements. Expatriate recruitment by charging money should be prohibited by law. If such steps are not taken in a timely manner, fraud stories will be repeated.

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