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Saturday, 23 October 2021 7.32 AM IST

Twitter that is going overboard


Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad's account has been blocked by Twitter for an hour for allegedly violating US copyright law. "We respect the laws of the United States. We are paying a high price for Indian law," he said on Twitter. Twitter has also threatened not to attack the lion in the den by banning the minister himself from implementing the new Indian IT policy. Let them obey American law in America. If you want to work in India, you have to follow the rules here. The minister himself has pointed out that the move by Twitter to freeze his account is a violation of the new Indian IT rules.

Under the new rules, the customer must be informed before withdrawing copyrighted material and prohibiting the use of the account. Article 4 (8) of the IT Intermediate Act provides as follows. Twitter did not have to think for a second to break this. At the same time, he jumped to comply with American law. From this, any Indian citizen can understand that Twitter has the attitude that India is a second class country that does not know how to make laws. If Twitter has violated Indian law, the minister should have revealed it and taken action. The minister was also unwilling to accept the renewed account. If the minister is willing to respond appropriately, Twitter will come to the fore. India had the courage to ban many Chinese apps after the conflict between India and China. Moreover, after the conflict, millions of Indians who were in the habit of buying Chinese products gave it up. Twitter, on the other hand, has a habit of raising placards of privacy and human rights abuses. Only when they see their profits declining will they back away from it. The Central Government should not delay in taking appropriate action.
Shashi Tharoor, chairman of the Parliament's IT Standing Committee, said he would seek an explanation from Twitter, adding that he had a similar experience. Twitter has started playing big brother therefore steps need to be taken to convince them that that foul play will not succeed here .

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