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Saturday, 27 November 2021 4.47 AM IST

Online fraud


People buy goods worth crores of rupees every day through online e-commerce sites. Noorul Amin, an expatriate, paid Rs 70,900 in advance and booked an A-phone, but when he reached home, the cover contained soap and a Rs 5 coin. The latest news is that he got his money back through the strong intervention of the cyber police. Failure to do so would probably result in loss of money. In the absence of the person who ordered, it would be a mistake for the homeowner to purchase the item without opening the cover. So make sure to open the ordered item immediately. Some companies only sell goods when you provide the OTP that comes to the phone. It's a lot more reliable. But swindlers are clever thieves. You can get cheated even more.

Last month, an engineering student in Paravur ordered a laptop and received scrolls. The money was recovered due to the intervention of the cyber police. Earlier, the police did not intervene in such cases. It was reported that a retired female police officer had a similar experience and the complaint was not initially investigated. It is commendable that the cyber police are now effectively intervening in complaints.

At first glance, fraudsters may present their website as a leading company. The only difference will be in the letters of the brand name. They take advantage of our lack of attention. Therefore, the order should be placed only after reviewing and reviewing the credibility of the portal. It is also advisable to opt for the cash on payment option if the amount is large. Then you can prevent losing money. Some will fall for the big discount offer. When told to order within minutes, it is possible to lose money if you only pay for the profit. In addition, fraudsters can get your credit card's 16 digit number, validity date and card verification value. So the customer has to take utmost care before ordering. It is also possible to form a joint team of state and central cyber police to find the centres behind the scams.

Such scams can be reduced only if the culprits are identified and maximum punishment is ensured.

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