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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 5.52 PM IST

The sweet fruit of Nadopasana…


Nature is a storehouse natural wonders. Man seeks to see and touch it through science, literature, music and art. We call the awe-inspiring supremacy Gandharva. They are imaginary beings who come down from heaven and return to earth after fleeting moments. But Yesudas is a great wonder who has sung for 60 years as Gana Gandharva and takes people, young and old, to the heights of esctacy. On November 14, he will have completed 60 years as a playback singer.

Yesudas’ voice wakes us up in the morning with the sound rays. In the night it comes as a lullaby… thus except while sleeping this great singer is with us always. This is a great blessing.
The first step in any big venture is the element of blessing. While constant practice and hard work are important, the touch of God or Guru’s grace is also crucial.

On November 14, 1961, he sang for the film Kalpadukal.
Jathi bhedam…
Yesudas sang this verse at the age of 21. No one could have imagined the future of that immortal moment in nature. Because Yesudas' passion for life and experience during his studies were not so secure.

Yesudas, a “student for ever”, had a passion for music. Invisible fences also existed in the music industry. In 1950, he was considered to sing in the film Nallathanka, but was dropped due to her young age and low voice. None of this bothered Yesudas, who was particular about learning Carnatic music. Yesudas won the prize for singing in state level youth festival in 1958. Jayachandran also won the prize for Mridangam. They later went on to become two blossoms of Malayalam music.

Yesudas can be considered as a wonder of nature
The person whose voice was once rejected by All India Radio later became the owner of a melody that would be remembered for generations. Yesudas overcome any crisis with a musical attitude.

He did not just sing Gurudeva's lyrics but incorporated its message into his life. He does not like to go after sectarianism or controversy. He always strived to preserve the beauty of the Malayalam country and language. That God-given voice now finds its way into Sabarimala, Mookambika and Guruvayur.
How many of his songs come to mind to connect with love, boredom, grief and philosophy? Few singers are so careful and meticulous in their pronunciation and music. This sharpness is also the reason for the expressive beauty in Yesudas' songs. Yesudas' voice was not limited to simple songs, drama songs and film songs. He also proved his prowess in classical music. Whether it is a revolutionary song or a devotional song, when the Malayalees search for their favorite songs, Yesudas' voice will be imprinted in all of them. Hundreds of hit songs in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Immortal songs that have been sung and sung for generations. G. Devarajan, Baburaj, M.K. Arjunan, Salil Chowdhury, Dakshinamoorthy, A.T. Yesudas was lucky enough to sing rare and beautiful songs composed by Ummer and Raghavan Mash. Vayalar, P., who made outstanding contributions to the field of music. Working with Bhaskaran, ONV and Sreekumaran Thampi was also an achievement. No other singer has sung so many songs in so many languages. Yesudas alone has won eight national awards and more than 50 state awards.

Talent, genius and intellect are all gifts of nature. Music can bring joy and unite human hearts. Recognizing this, Yesudas was able to dedicate his life to music. The fruit of which could be soured by Malayalis and millions of connoisseurs. Let us pray for him.

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