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Wednesday, 01 December 2021 9.40 AM IST

Drugs and laws


Increasing punishment alone will not reduce crime in society. Crime in any country decreases when the knowledge of good values is acquired as part of education and the duty and obligation to the society. Crimes have not disappeared even in countries where brutal executions exist. It is true that fear of punishment can help keep individuals away from crime to some extent. At the same time, experience teaches us that it is wrong to assume that crime will decrease if the rate of punishment increases exponentially.
For example, the death penalty is currently available for drug use and sale. However, the government's own figures show that the number of drug addicts and those involved in the sale of drugs is increasing every year. Convinced of this, the Central Department of Social Justice felt the need for a changed approach. As part of this, the department has proposed that drug and drug addicts should not be seen as culprits but as victims. Accordingly, the Center is planning to amend the law to bring back to life those who use drugs in small quantities without sending them to jail and to severely punish those who smuggle and sell drugs. Those who trap the innocent in the case will also face severe punishment. The draft law is just getting ready. This change should be a more realistic approach to the subject of drugs
In the wake of the drug case against actor Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan, there was a nationwide outcry that the new generation should not be punished but saved. The law is being amended to take this into account. A bill to change the law is likely to be introduced in the parliament session starting this month.

Often in drug cases no large sharks are caught in the net. It can be used by users and intermediaries. The investigation does not extend to the source of the drug. The arrest of minors has received great news coverage and the courts have imposed severe punishments on those arrested under existing law. However, this does not diminish the prevalence and trafficking of narcotics. The main reason for this is that the real culprits are never caught. Even officials do not move beyond a certain limit as it is a multi-billion dollar transaction. This needs to change. There should be an awareness in the society that the real culprits are not the culprits. The proposal to conduct de-addiction awareness in educational institutions as part of the new law is also welcome. It is hoped that this will become a blessing in future.

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