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Wednesday, 01 December 2021 9.03 AM IST

Where there is will there is way


The torrential rains and the severe floods that caused by it have sown great misery throughout the state. Many families have been forced to relocate to safer areas following the floods. As the rains fizzle out and the sun shines, this problem will be solved. But the grief and misery of those who lost their homes in the rains is not going to go away immediately. They are waiting for the mercy of the government. This is one of the tragedies that happens every year.

Roads are designed to be watertight during construction and renovation, which will be of great benefit not only to motorists during monsoon but also to roadside residents. Thampanoor and its environs, one of the heartlands of the capital city, were often submerged due to the heavy rains. This situation has been going on for the last few years. But this time, despite the long torrential downpour, the Thampanoor and East Fort areas were completely free from floods, which is an incredible sight for the city dwellers.

No special research is needed to find out where the floods are because all the canals in the cities are full of waste. Although the primary responsibility of the municipality is to keep the cities clean and tidy, city life is made miserable by every rain because of their constant neglect. The city virtually gets transformed into a pond even if the rain not that heavy. This is because the Amaizhanjan canal, which was built to carry rainwater from the capital to the sea, has become a dumping ground.
Realizing this, the Amayizhanchan canal and its adjoining waterways were decontaminated and as a result, despite days of heavy rains, major centres, including Thampanoor and East Fort, were not flooded. It cost more than Rs 30 crore but had the intended effect. It is noteworthy that the leadership of two ministers, who are the locals and who want the capital city to be clean and tidy, has helped to make everything go smoothly. No one needs to tell Ministers V Shivankutty and Antony Raju about the difficulties created by the floods in the city. They were born and brought up here. It can be said that the steps taken for the revival of the Amayizhanchan canal saved Thampanoor and the East Fort this time. At the same time, all the canals in the city were cleared of sewage and water was allowed to flow.
By the way, increasing the width and depth of the canals and constructing retaining walls to protect the river, will control severe damage during the monsoon season. The co-ordination of the departments is essential to coordinate and complete the work in a timely manner. The success of the canalrevival project was due to the fact that it was able to ensure this coordination. Things got easier with the support of Public Works Minister Mohammad Riyaz, Water Resources Minister Roshi Augustine and Mayor Arya Rajendran. If there is a leader, such ventures can be achieved in less time. The project is being undertaken in the capital city can be a model for other cities in the flood-hit state.

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