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Thursday, 25 July 2024 6.49 AM IST

Rave party that needs to be reined in!


The excise department's raid at a luxury resort in Poovar, Thiruvananthapuram is a strong indication that the poisonous roots of the drug mafia are spreading it tentacles from Kochi to other parts of the state. Three people, including the accused in the murder case, were arrested and fourteen others were taken into custody. The excise team came to know about the regular intoxication parties at the resort, which is located in an isolated area on the backwaters, and seized a variety of drugs, including banned ones. These are usually given to partygoers for a large sum of money. It is said that even people from far and wide attend DJ parties throughout the day with songs and dances. There will also be celebrities who regularly attend the festivities. They are also the ones who help the business.

During the excise raids on Saturday night and Sunday in Poovar, the arrest of a gambler in a flat in Kochi made headlines. The center of the flat was run with facilities reminiscent of foreign casinos. Police were conducting a drug hunt in some flats as part of an investigation into the tragic death of two young women models in a mysterious car accident. Meanwhile, the casino of sorts was discovered. The young man who runs it has been arrested. The narcotics cell of the police also took part in the raid.

The investigation team is trying to unravel the mystery surrounding the accidental death of the models who returned after attending a drunken party at a hotel in Fort Kochi. Attempts by the police to locate the CCTV hard disk of the hotel, which had the assistance and protection of the police, were in vain. Where to find the hard disk that the hotel owner handed over to destroy if it did sank in the lake weeks after the incident?

Although it is not possible to prevent people from enjoying it, the use of drugs and illicit drugs at parties must be strictly prohibited. This danger can be prevented only if the law enforcers act selflessly. Drug gangs receive little support from law enforcement. Even cannabis, which was only smuggled in small packets, now reaches the state in quintals. A new underworld empire has already sprung up behind them. Drug gangs also give birth to criminal gangs.

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