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Thursday, 26 May 2022 10.06 AM IST

When schools close again...


The state is once again in the whirlpool of Covid waves and children are being forced to turn to online education once again. Classes one through nine will be suspended from the 21st of this month. Classes 10, 11 and 12 will function in schools for the time being, but this will need to be reconsidered as the spread of the disease worsens. The decision has been taken to suspend classes up to nine for two weeks. The situation will then be reviewed and new decision will be taken. Since March is exam month, it is not surprising that the rest of the study has been made online. Students in classes 10, 11 and 12 also have the task of completing the immunization as soon as possible. If vaccination in schools had been centralized from the beginning, it could have been completed in a matter of days.

The dates of the final examinations of Classes X and XII have been announced. What is needed now is an effort to make it happen without interruption. Having lived with the epidemic for two years, this should not be considered a major challenge. Examinations can be held by taking necessary precautions.

The third wave was exacerbated by the general reluctance of adults to follow the rules, even though things were moving towards children. The government has announced a number of measures to control the spread. Government, quasi-government and co-operative societies are advised to conduct their programs online. In places where the TPR is more than twenty, it is stipulated that no more than fifty people should attend the function. There should also be mechanisms in place to ensure that these are strictly adhered to. If crowds of people cannot be controlled, the spread of the disease will continue. It is clear that the spread of the disease, which had been declining in between, broke out after the festive season. If control is not tightened yet, it will lead to great danger. Ordinary people are willing to obey restrictions and guidelines, but those who do not agree are working in politics and organizations. Holding conventions and celebrations that take place with large representations is tantamount to inviting the epidemic. The days of festivals and festivities are coming. If you do not take care of it, you will have to pay a big price. The government says it is no longer thinking of the lockdown as it has proven impractical. It is well known that the suffering of the masses is immense if life does not go on as usual. The daily increase in Covid cases is alarming.

If the people do not come forward sincerely to meet the Covid norms, the misfortunes of the first phase would be repeated. Everyone should be prepared to take at face value the advice given by health experts and the government. It was the carelessness and indiscipline of the adults that bring back the Covid demon. If the situation worsens, ordinary people will have to bear the brunt of the disaster. Millions have lost their jobs and income in the past. Do not let that misfortune happen again. Currently, Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulam districts are leading in the spread of the disease. If strict controls are not adopted in such areas, the spread of the disease will not accelerate. It is up to the district administration to enforce the restrictions on paper.

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