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Wednesday, 25 May 2022 7.31 AM IST

Government's bottled water


Irrigation Minister Roshy Augustine took a welcoming decision to take immediate action to bring government bottled water to the market for Rs 13 based on Kerala Kaumudi report. Such popular measures brings government closer to the public. Special report published by Kovalam Satheesh Kumar was based on the delay in government's bottled water projects. Following this, the minister organised a special meeting of officials and directed to increase the production and marketing of bottled water.

The Kerala Irrigation Infrastructure Development Corporation's Aruvikara plant will soon start production of Hilly Aqua's one litre bottled water. The plant is currently supplying 20 litre canned water.

The market determines the success or failure of a product. The government owns a market that can ensure the success of many products. But it is the private sector that reaps more benefits. There are also plans to make Hilly Aqua mandatory at government functions and offices. This will ensure a minimum market for the product. At the same time, govt's bottled water must look attractive enough to compete with private companies bottled water. Adequate publicity should be given. Then the people will accept the government bottled water with an open mind because bottled water provided by the government is more reliable. The initial enthusiasm of government products when launched in the market subsides soon. Often there will be external pressure to change top official who is heading the project. There may be pressure to bring in nominees from private companies operating in the sector to head the government enterprise as the drinking water business is quite profitable. Such events have happened in the past. Many companies have collapsed into loss due to pressure from trade unions to change the official heading the project. So the Minister has a responsibility to protect its team till Hilly Aqua becomes successful . Officials can work with confidence only with the right political support.

The decision has been taken to produce 57,600 liters of bottled water in two shifts at Aruvikara. Production level will also be increased in Thodupuzha plant. In addition, there are plans to open new production plants. The bottled water project will be popular if done efficiently.

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