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Tuesday, 24 May 2022 5.54 AM IST

Welcome Kerala Store


The state government's move to expand the ration shops, which operate in connection with the daily life of the public, to facilitate access to daily necessities and essential services is to be welcomed. Although it was earlier announced that ration shops will become smart shops, Food and Public Distribution Minister GR Anil said that K-stores named Kerala Store will be launched in a better way. The aim is to open a thousand stores in the first phase in rural areas. Preliminary work for this will start next month. The government also plans to expand K-stores across the state in two years.

People are suffering from inflation. The prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas are skyrocketing. In addition to this, we are also witnessing a hike in the prices of daily necessities. Even the middle class is finding it difficult to make both ends meet. Then there is no need to say anything special about the poor. In the case of fuel tax, it is a fact that the Centre and the state are not taking a pro-people stance except blaming each other. The rise in fuel prices has led to an increase in freight costs and a natural increase in the cost of goods imported from other states. The consumer state of Kerala cannot afford this situation.

Despite reports that the government has set aside Rs 2,000 crore to control inflation, it is doubtful whether the result has reached a practical level. The government can give at least some relief to the people only if they are actively involved in the public market
Therefore, this new venture should become a support for the people.

In addition to the regular ration products, the Kerala store will also have facilities for purchasing milk and groceries and for paying electricity bills and water bills. There will be a mini ATM along with many of the services available at the Friends Public Service Center. There is no doubt that it is beneficial to have all the necessities in one place so that people can save time. Most of the ration shops in the state are located in very small spaces. More space is needed to improve them comprehensively. Kerala stores will be ration shops with an area of ​​350 to 500 square feet. The authorities are planning to convert it into a 1,000 sq ft mini shopping centre in the next phase. Low-interest loans will be made available to improve shops. Discussions have been held with the banking sector for this.

Any reform can only succeed if it is pro-people. GR Anil is an imaginative minister who has initiated many exemplary projects in the field of food distribution. The minister has taken decisive steps to curb corruption in the department, which is notorious for corruption. In a state like Kerala, where shopping malls and other stores are becoming active, the change in ration shops will benefit the public. If the work for that level becomes a reality, people will take over this new venture as well.

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